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ISRA Thursday Bulletin – March 24, 2022

ISRA Thursday Bulletin – March 24, 2022

March 24, 2022

Last week, I wrote about a Quinnipiac Poll regarding people who would defend the United States and who would not defend this country should we be attacked as they have been in the Ukraine.  I was shocked at the number of “white flaggers” we have amongst us.  Many of these people are the same ones who would like to do away with the Second Amendment.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

For those who don’t know, during WWII Great Britain did not have enough firearms to defend themselves against a German invasion of their country.  American citizens donated their personal firearms to the British.  After WWII, some of those firearms were returned but some Americans told the British to keep them should something like that happen again.  Eventually, the British destroyed all those firearms.  There are a couple messages here.  First, for the British: If this happens again, you are on your own and secondly, if we loan firearms to countries, we should be careful.

We are all hearing reports on how Vladimir Putin is attacking civilians, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other so-called nonmilitary targets.  While the news media and others are complaining about this, the fact is this is the way wars are fought.  Like it or not, wars are not won by only attacking military targets.  If you do just attack military targets, schools, hospitals, and everything thing else it will be used for military equipment, re-enforcements and command centers.  I am not defending Putin, but we must face the reality of how wars are fought.  They are ugly.  Wars include the civilian population which is why the Second Amendment is so important.

Currently, Ukraine is having the same problem as Great Britain had in 1940.  Their attitude seems better I have to say.  I like the way these folks fight.  Several American companies are donating firearms and ammunition to them.  I was impressed by a woman by the name of Svetlana Kalanova, a volunteer with the Ukrainian Territorial Army, said.  Here are her words, “Nine days ago, I was a teacher of makeup.  There is no purpose for why they (the Russians ) do this.  I want to fight because this is my country, this is my home, everything is here.”  Go get’em Svetlana.

KEL-TEC firearms has stepped forward to help the beleaguered Ukrainians and is shipping 400 of their model 2000 folding rifles to the them.  More to follow.  It is evident with the “leading from behind” approach of the Biden Administration, the war in Ukraine will most likely enter into an insurrectionist underground movement phase similar to the ones in France and Poland during WWII.

I have to laugh when I listen to the news media talk about diplomacy.  Putin is talking about getting rid of the “scum”; he is murdering people, kidnapping people and is an all-around bad guy, yet to hear some of the talking heads, you would think we just need to talk to him.  We are told he will be tried for “war crimes”.  Really, and just who is going to arrest him in Russia, sheriff Joe Biden?  The way to fight guys like Putin and Russia is to smite them hip and thigh and kill them by the bag full.  Only after complete and utter victory does diplomacy work.  Don’t be naïve.

Another manufacturer of firearm related products has pulled out of an anti-gun state and moved to more friendly confines.  American Technology Network (ATN) is leaving California and moving to South Florida.  California is more than anti-gun; it is anti-anything that makes sense.  ATN manufactures smart optics, thermal imaging scopes and night vision optics.  

Winchester has produced a Model 94 serial number 2,500,000A.  In total, Winchester has produced 7,500,000 million variations of the Model 94.  In 1962 they produced another model 94 serial number 2,500,000.  After 1962, they added the “A” to the serial number.

Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana signed permit less carry Monday afternoon.  This makes Indiana the 24th state to have permit less carry.  Every person over the age of 18 is eligible provided they do not have a criminal record or mental issues that won’t prohibit them from doing so.  Georgia is the next most likely state to pass permit less carry.  When Georgia passes permit less carry, half of the states in the U.S. will have permit less carry.  We have come a long way.

In the “Holier than thou” department, this week’s winner is Arizona’s State Senator Lupe Contreras.  During testimony on Arizona House Bill 2316, a disabled woman who had been assaulted and was a domestic violence victim, was giving her testimony as to why she needs to carry a firearm.  Senator Contreras told the woman: “I’ve said many times I’m a gun owner, I’m a hunter,” Contreras stated. “And I’m a proud Democrat.  Um, I don’t need to carry my gun on me at all times to feel safe.  I don’t.  I don’t walk around, run around and drive around worried that somebody’s going to shoot me or somebody’s going to hurt me, or somebody’s going to do whatever.  Why even walk around at that point?  Stay home behind closed doors.”  “So, I mean,” he continued, “I do understand that, yeah, it is a right that we have, but some people, some people just, just don’t have that right; some people just shouldn’t have that right. And with that I vote no.”  That is telling those peasants, make them kiss your ring your Prince of Arrogance!

On Tuesday evening, we sent out an alert in support of HB4680 that modifies the already existing law which gives a special rate to veterans for Hunting and Fishing Licenses.  Veterans pay $6.50 instead of $12.50 for a Hunting License and $7.75 instead of $15.00 for a Fishing License.  The problem is that to get the special rate, veterans need to apply IN PERSON at a Regional IDNR office.  This means that veterans in some parts of the state need to drive over 100 miles to save about $6.00.  They would have to spend $60.00 to save $6.00.  Not much of a benefit.  The change in the law that HB4680 provides is that they no longer need to apply in person to get the special rate, a good thing to do for our veterans.

We will be hosting an Emergency Response for Trauma Injuries. This is a one-day class that will be held at the ISRA Range on April 9.  This is a certified class by the Illinois Department of Public Health and is NRA certified for 8 hours of continuing education For Range Safety Officers.  Sign up must be completed on the Spartan Tactical website:  [email protected] 

Early Monday afternoon, 73-year-old Linda Fricky was carjacked in New Orleans.  Four teenage thugs were involved.  While ripping Ms. Fricky out of her car, one of her arms became entangled in the seatbelt.  The thugs kept on trying to get her out of the car as they were driving away, dragging Ms. Fricky.  Eventually, her arm was completely ripped off her body.  She was found dead in the street.  These are the kind of sub humans that are out there.  Ms. Fricky was unarmed.  Maybe a firearm would have saved her.  When you are 73, you are not going to take down animals like these with martial arts of any sort.  Get training, buy a gun and learn to defend yourself.

This Friday evening, The ISRA Range will be welcoming Scout Troop 318.  There will be 30 scouts and 25 chaperones accompanying them.  On Saturday, they will be shooting .22 caliber rimfire rifles on Range 2, shotguns at the trap range and also some archery on Range 7.  This is the type of event we need to get young people interested in, the shooting sports.  There is no charge to the scouts for this event and there will be an additional six or seven extra Range Safety Officers volunteering to work with the scouts on Saturday.  The scouts will also be given a demonstration shooting black powder firearms and be given a chance to try their hand at it.


March 24, 1765 – The British Parliament passed the Quartering Act which required American colonists to provide accommodations for British soldiers.  This included homes, inns, ale houses and livery stables.  While the Quartering Act did not require it, many times the homeowners were forced out of their own bedrooms, had feed the soldier or soldiers and stable and feed their horses.

February 24, 2022 – Ukrainians start to leave their country because of the Russian invasion.  Joe Biden boldly starts thinking about preparing to prepare to deal with the problem.

March 25, 1911 – The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in New York City kills 146 people.  Max Blanck and his partner Isaac Harris were owners of a sweat shop that made clothing.  The sweat shop was located on the top three floors of a 10-story building and employed 600 mostly immigrant women.  Their pay was $15 per week for a 72-hour week.  Blanck and Harris refused to bring the building up to the fire code.  Stairway doors were locked from the outside and only one elevator out of four worked.  It was a fire trap.  Blanck and Harris had a history of arson on top of it all, but authorities couldn’t prove it.

A fire broke out in a rag bin and when the supervisor tried to put it out, the firehose was rotted and burst.  Many women jumped to their deaths rather than being burned alive.  The two partners were tried on manslaughter charges but beat the rap.  The tragic fire led to stricter enforcement of fire codes.  This fire gave a huge push to the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.

March 26, 1941 – Italy attacks a Britain cruiser with a two-part manned torpedo.  The pilot sat astride the torpedo guiding toward the target and he then released the warhead.  The pusher unit then turned around and returned to a submarine.  The use of the manned torpedo was actually very successful.  The Italians sank two British battleships, the Queen Elizabeth and the Valiant.  The Japanese also had manned torpedoes, but it was a one-way trip for the pilot.  The British and Germans had their own versions.  As far as I know, none of the manned torpedo pilots in any Navy ever became Admirals.

March 27, 1836 – A group of 417 Texans surrender to General Santa Anna expecting to be treated as prisoners of war.  Instead, Santa Anna executed them all.

March 30, 1981 – President Ronald Reagan is shot by John Hinckley Jr.  Reagan, who was 70 years old at the time, walked into George Washington University Hospital under his own power despite a collapsed lung.  Reagan kept his composure and sense of humor.  He spoke to his wife saying “Honey, I forgot to duck.”  While talking to his surgeons just before surgery, he said “Please tell me you are all Republicans.” He was back at his desk in the Oval Office by April 11th.

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Lily Tomlin

“The people who work against your gun rights are basically saying to you, “The right of the criminal to rip you off, rape and kill you shall not be infringed.” And they wonder why we’re a bit testy”

Editor of KABA LIBERTY ADVOCATE, Friday, July 30, 2001

“I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand.”


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Lori Broadhead

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Ted Nugent

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Samuel Adams, Massachusetts' U.S. Constitution Ratification Convention, 1788

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Thomas B. Reed (1886)

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Thomas Jefferson, Proposed Virginia Constitution (1776)

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Alan Dershowitz

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Sen. Larry Craig

“The AK-47 is not a device of aggression … I devised this machine-gun for the security of my country,”

Mikhail Kalashnikov, April 1997