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ISRA Thursday Bulletin – December 22, 2022

ISRA Thursday Bulletin – December 22, 2022

December 22, 2022

In California, the legislature passed a law that is described as “Fee Shifting“.  What this means is that if people or entities bring suit against the State of California for passing a law violating the Second Amendment, the plaintiffs not only have to pay their own expenses but also those of the State of California.  Any legislator that would vote for such a freedom crushing law I would describe as a dirt bag of the lowest order.  Nevertheless, the California legislature passed such a law and of course, Governor Newsom signed it into law.


The Second Amendment Foundation, California Rifle & Pistol Association, The Firearm Policy Coalitions et al sued in spite of the threat.  U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez declared the law unconstitutional.  Aside from declaring the law unconstitutional, he described the law as “abhorrent“ which is exactly right.  The California legislature and Governor Newsome just got handed a nice loss.


Washington Governor Inslee and Attorney General Ferguson want the citizens to have to get a license every time they want to purchase a firearm.  Sorry boys, no other enumerated right requires a license every time you want to exercise that right.  I am sure if you get such a cockamamie law through the legislature, the first judge you run into will put the Kibosh on it.  West Coast, where is a good cataclysmic earthquake when you need one?


In light of the Buren Case, the Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition filed lawsuits in several states challenging the prohibition on 18, 19 and 20-year-olds getting concealed carry permits.  In Texas, the case was known as Andrews v McCraw.  A U.S. District Court in Texas ruled in favor of the 18, 19 and 20-year-olds.  The State of Texas will not challenge the ruling.  In short, soon qualified 18, 19 and 20-year-olds will be able obtain Concealed Carry licenses in Texas.  The ISRA has such a case In Illinois.  I would expect to see the age prohibitions fall in other states.  If not, we are off the United States Supreme Court.


In Connecticut, a so-called “assault weapons“ bill was passed a while back that allowed the owners to keep their firearms but register them with the state.  This is similar to the proposal in HB5855.  Now, Governor Lamont of Connecticut seems to be pushing to the confiscation of these firearms.  The first step, says the Governor, is to make them illegal.  Since those people registered them, they have given the state the names and addresses of who owns them and where they are located.  The state, of course, charged them to register them and is now in the process of breaking their promise to those gun owners.   Registration always leads to confiscation.  Hopefully everyone has learned the bitter lesson that any promise the government makes is more worthless that the paper it was written on.


I get calls from people wanting to know how they can hold legislators and governors accountable for knowingly passing and signing such laws.  The fact of the matter is there is no legal way to do that.


Yesterday, December 20, 2022, the Judiciary Committee held a Subject Matter Hearing on HB 5855 at the Bilandic Building in Chicago.  ISRA Lobbyist Ed Sullivan did a magnificent job as did the other 2A Representatives.  Having said that, I am afraid I view such hearings with a jaundiced eye.  Still, we have to go through the motions.


Sullivan said the bill does not truly strike at the core causes of gun violence, saying that nothing will change until communities are uplifted from poverty, regardless of the amount or types of guns available.


”The truth is, laws criminalizing gun possession not only devastate black and brown communities, they also fail to achieve one of their primary objectives: reducing the supply of guns on our streets. … The bottom line is this: This bill keeps alive systemic racism as it applies to the Second Amendment.  I can take my firearms, my mags and go across the border.  I have the means.  What about the people that don’t?  You’re just going to criminalize them?  There are over 70 counties in Illinois that are two-way sanctuary counties.  Those folks aren’t going to get arrested.

In response to question from the committee, Sullivan said he does not believe that the current gun laws are perfect as-is.  Supporters of the bill on the committee traded statistics with the panel, with Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago) noting a 2020 study that found 48 percent fewer mass shootings in states that banned large capacity magazines.


“But then you have a RAND [Corporation] report from 2020 that says there’s no noticeable effect from the assault weapons ban that was in place from 1994 to 2004.  So, who do we believe?  I mean, for every study that you can bring up, I can bring the same studies.  So, we’re right back to square one on what is the correct way to do it,” Sullivan said.


One interesting piece of testimony came from the ever limelight seeking Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.  Tom Dart has long been a leading anti-gun politician in the state.  Dart said his deputies only carry six rounds in their magazines.  Let me help you out there your Sheriffship.  Your deputies are armed with Glock .40 calibers and actually carry three 15 round magazines.  I know with all your busy duties you probably didn’t have time to notice.  By the way Sheriff, have you qualified lately?


The next hearings will be sometime in early January.  This is when witness slips will really count.  We do not what the date and time just yet but we will let you know.


I have been notified by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) that they are accepting orders on M1 Garands.  These include Rack Grade, Rack Grade Plus and Expert Grade.  They are also accepting purchases of Phase 3 for 1911 sales.  Please go to the CMP website for details.


Savage Arms has introduced a new line of 1911 government model handguns.  Savage has long been known for quality firearms and the new 1911s look like they have that tradition of quality.  The new Savages have all the features that used to be custom add ons to 1911s.  These include hammer forged frame and slide, lowered ejection port, target grade barrels with target crowns, ambidextrous safety, and other amenities.  The starting MSRP is $1350 and goes up from there.  These are worth checking out.


The ISRA has extended the life upgrade promotion further for those who missed the original campaign.  We will honor this discount until December 31st.  If you would like to take advantage of the upgrade promotion, please email [email protected].  We will email you information.  Please let us know your date of birth and if you are eligible for American Hero Status.  American Hero status requires that you be past or present U. S. military, police officer, firefighter or EMT. 



December 23, 1783 – George Washington resigns as Commander of the Continental Army in Annapolis, Maryland.  At the end of his resignation he said, “…..I here offer my commissions and take leave of all my employments of public life.”  Not quite, in five years he would become the first President of the greatest nation the world has ever seen.


December 24, 1814 – The War of 1812 officially ends. The War of 1812 is far more significant than most people think.  The Napoleonic Wars had raged in Europe keeping the British occupied but in 1814, Napoleon fell from power giving the British more resources to fight the United States.  There were a couple of things that happened they hadn’t planned on.  One of those was that despite the devastating British naval bombardment of Fort McHenry, the Americans held out.  Francis Scott Key penned the “Star Spangled Banner“ which helped American moral.  On Lake Champlain, just as important but less known, the United States Fleet defeated the British Fleet at Plattsburgh Bay which caused the British Army to retreat to Canada.


It took two months for word to reach American shores that the war was over.  Before word reached the United States, General Andrew Jackson delivered an embarrassing and stringing defeat to the British Army at the Battle of New Orleans.  To think that the European powers weren’t watching was a mistake.  In 1823, when the Monroe Doctrine was announced, they understood the message thanks to the Battle of New Orleans.


December 24, 1941 – Bing Crosby introduces Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas“.  To Irving Berlin’s surprise “White Christmas“ topped the Pop Chart not only in 1941, but every December for the next 20 years.  It became a favorite for all the GIs during WWII and the Korean War.


December 25, 1776 – General George Washington crosses the Delaware and surprises the Hessians at Trenton, New Jersey.  The Hessians were crack German mercenaries.  The German colonel had received word that the Americans were coming but he never read the note.  It was found in his coat pocket after he was killed.  As often happened during the Revolutionary War, the hand of fate intervened.


December 26, 1944 – General Patton’s 3rd Army relieves the embattled Allies at Bastogne, Belgium.  Patton devised a complicated plan and in typical Patton style executed it perfectly.  Patton turned his army 90 degrees and moved the 3rd Army 100 miles in three days in one of the worst winters the Europeans had seen in years.  Patton hit the Germans and drove them back across the Rhine.  Patton was called “Old Blood and Guts” but in actuality, he had the lowest casualty rate of any Allied Commander.  He never let the Germans rest.


December 27, 1895 – The legend “Stagger Lee” is born.  The song and the real story don’t match up.

Two men Stag Lee and William “Billy“ Lyons got In an argument over politics.  Stag Lee did shoot Billy and he did take his Stetson hat, but after he had shot him down.  The various songs about the incident changed over the years.  In 1959, Lloyd Price’s version was number one on the Pop Chart.


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Lily Tomlin

“The people who work against your gun rights are basically saying to you, “The right of the criminal to rip you off, rape and kill you shall not be infringed.” And they wonder why we’re a bit testy”

Editor of KABA LIBERTY ADVOCATE, Friday, July 30, 2001

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Thomas B. Reed (1886)

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