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ISRA Affiliated Leagues

Affiliated Leagues


ISRA Shooting Leagues
Shooting Days
Point of Contact
Select Tuesday Evenings
Bryan Coyle
(224) 800-4986
Glock Pistol League
Selected Sunday mornings, associated with GSSF – Uses half of the pistol range
Frank Perrotta
(630) 882-8573
F-Class Smallbore Rifle League
Thursdays May through September
James Miller
(815) 268-4411
F-Class High Power Rifle League
Wednesdays May through September
James Miller
(815) 268-4411
Precision Pistol Bullseye League
Selected Sunday mornings – If needed, uses the whole pistol range no later than noon
Jeff Battaglia
(708) 269-1628
Paper & Steel League
Every Wednesday April – October
Jeff Davis
(708) 476-3257
Bench Rest League
Every Wednesday, April through October
Jim Stearns or Mark Lincoln
(815) 458-2474 or (630) 460-0241
Marksmanship League
May through October, various dates
John Barone
(708) 205-2799
Combat Pistol League
First Sunday of the Month, May through October
John Newman or Jeff Davis
(815) 462-0555 or (708) 476-3257
Illinois High Power
Varies by Match
Konrad Powers
(630) 267-0069
Air Gun Leagues
Wednesdays, October through April
Mike James, Jeff Davis, John Newman
(847) 456-3386, (709) 476-3257, (815) 954-8389
Military Benchrest Rifle League
Every Monday June through September
Richard Pearson
(815) 635-3198
Scout Rifle League
Mondays, June – September
Richard Pearson
(815) 635-3198
Steel Challenge .22 Marksmanship League
various dates March-October
Ron Coursey
(708) 935-7177
Illinois Junior High Power
Youth Group known as “Hard dogs”
Russ Friend
(847) 516-9674
Black Powder League
First Sunday of every month March through November
Tom Fahrenbach
(630) 327-3820
F-Class 300 Yard Rifle League
Wednesdays May through September
Tom Jurgens
(815) 573-3041
Springfield League
Selected Sunday mornings. Uses Pistol Range
Tony Jacobazzi
(630) 918-1631


Airgun Leagues

The Air Rifle League meets on Range 12 in the Clubhouse on Tuesdays beginning in November 2020 and running through March 2021, starting at 5pm and ending at 8pm. Contact Mike James at 847.456.3386 or email [email protected]

The Air Pistol League meets on Range 12 in the Clubhouse on Wednesdays beginning in November 2020 and running through March 2021, starting at 5pm and ending at 8pm. This is an introduction to air gun, with opportunity to use league equipment and receive coaching in a non-stressful venue. The league is open to all ISRA members. Any air pistol or air rifle can be used that is .177 caliber and under 700 fps. Shooting at 10 meters, we have 12 firing points that can be shot from standing, kneeling, sitting or prone positions. Fee is $5 per shooter, no minimum age, families welcome. Contact Jeff Davis at 708.476.3257 or John Newman at 815.594.8389 or email [email protected]

Bench Rest League

The Bench Rest League starts in April and runs through October every Wednesday. The league meets on Range 4 starting at 8am until dusk or when finished for the day. The League shoots center fire and rim fire bolt action rifles. No caliber larger than a .308 is allowed. No flash arresters and no muzzle brakes are allowed. Shooters may use a semi auto but it must be loaded single shot at a time. A brass catcher must also be provided by the shooter. This league is for people that love extreme accuracy. New shooters are welcome. Contact Mark Lincoln at [email protected]

Black Powder League

The Black Powder League (Bonfield Muzzle Loaders) meets the first Sunday of every month from March until December on Range 2 and Clubhouse from 8am until 1pm. Any black powder rifle or pistol can be used. This league shoots traditional Black Powder firearms and uses paper and reactive targets. New shooters are welcome. Registration to join the league $20, $5 for the first target, $1 for each additional target. Lunch is included. Contact Tom Fahrenbach at 630.327.3820 or email [email protected]

Bullseye League

ISRA Combat Pistol /3 Gun League

The Combat Pistol/3 Gun League meets on the first Sunday of every month from May through November on Ranges 9, 10 and 11. Competitors can shoot pistol matches, 3 gun matches or both.  The league is open to the public.  Shooters are required to attend a pre-season orientation on safety and procedure.  Exceptions are considered for experienced shooters.  This league uses paper and steel targets, set at distances varying from 3 yards to 25 yards.  This is an excellent league for those interested in self-defense.  Contact John Newman at 815.954.8389 or email [email protected]

F-Class 300 Yard Rifle League

F Class matches are held every Wednesday from May through September on the 300-yard range. We begin the match day around 10:00 AM and shoot through the day, with the final relay beginning around 6:00 PM.

Do you own a scoped centerfire rifle? Do you want to know what you are capable of with that rifle at 300 yards? Come out and try an F Class match.

Sometimes known as “benchrest prone”, F Class shooting is one of the fastest growing shooting disciplines. Geared towards shooters that enjoy competing with scoped rifles, F-Class matches are all slow-fire, prone shooting ‘for score’.  Assuming you have a good zero on your rifle, we shoot exclusively on electronic targets, eliminating the need for competitors to pull pit duty.  If you do not have a good zero you will have plenty of time to go over to the 100-yard range and get one.  If you need assistance with this or advice in translating it to 300 yards, we are happy to help.

You will need a tablet or smart phone to view your shots as well as to score your fellow shooters.  If you have one, bring it.  If not, we will provide a tablet and instruct you in the use of the electronic targets.

We typically shoot all day to accommodate each of our member’s needs.  Whenever we have a relay ready to begin a course of fire, we will shoot it.  The relay consists of a sighting period followed by 15 shots for record.  We then take a 5-minute break and repeat for a total of 30 shots for record.  At the end of the year, if you fill out an SR-1 form, we will send the scores to the NRA for classification purposes.

Shooters are divided into two classes determined by their equipment choices:

Field Target Rifle F-T/R is limited to the calibers of .223 and .308. Must be shot off a bipod attached to the gun with a rear sandbag allowed, weight limit 8.25 kg (18 lb) scope and bipod included, no limit on scope power, any safe trigger pull, any safe load.

Open Rifle

F-Open rifles can be any caliber under .35, shot off any rest as long as it does not return the gun to battery and does not connect the front and rear rests, weight limit 10 kg (22) lbs, not including the rest as long as it is not attached to the gun.

Special Note on Compensated Rifles

F-Class rules prohibit rifles with compensators.  As a courtesy to hunters and other occasional shooters, our league will try to accommodate these guns at most matches. However, we will segregate these shooters to the far end of the firing line and cannot guarantee this accommodation at every match.

Equipment Needs:

You probably already have most of the gear you’d need.

  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Almost any scoped centerfire rifle
  • 30 rounds of quality ammo for record plus sufficient rounds for sighters
  • Bipod or front rest.
  • Rear sandbag or rest
  • Shooting mat or tarp
  • Pen and paper

If you’d prefer to come out and just watch please make sure you bring eye and ear protection.

We strive for a safe, friendly and open environment at our weekly matches. If you would enjoy a summer of testing your skill with your equipment, learning what it takes to punch small groups of holes on sheets of paper three hundred yards down range, this may be the league for you. Most participants are there to compete against themselves in their pursuit of long-range precision shooting. If you want to learn, share and enjoy the fellowship of the firing line … then join us.

Contact: Email Thomas Jurgens at [email protected]

ISRA/Glock League


  • 2020Fall Glock League is on September 27, October 25, and November 30, 2020.
  • 2021 Summer Glock Leagueis on the following Sundays: June 27, July 25, and August 29, 2021.
  • 2021 Fall Glock League: September 26, October 31, and November 28, 2021.

Registration begins at 8:30a.m. Mandatory safety briefing to shoot matches is at 9:00a.m.

The first match will be fired at approximately 9:15a.m. and will end at noon.

LOCATION: Illinois State Rifle Association Range, Warner Bridge Road, 1589 N 7000 W Road, Kankakee, IL, 1.25 miles north of Rt. 17, West of Kankakee

FACILITIES: 25 Firing points, restrooms are available.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to any qualified person using a Glock for the first match. After the first match only members of the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation are eligible.

REGISTRATION FEE: $20.00 for the first model of Glock, the fee will be $15.00 for each different model of Glock thereafter. For each different model Glock pistol, you will be entered in a drawing for a new Glock pistol to be given away after the final match.

REFIRES: Refires with the same model Glock pistol will be $5.00 per time.

ENTRIES: There will be no limit on entries. Those who have entered 5 days prior to the match will be given precedence. Walk on entries are welcome.

SQUADDING: Competitors will be required to score and brass. Squadding shall be done as follows, Ready, Shoot, Score, Brass.

RULES: Current GSSF and ISRA range rules will apply.

CHALLENGES: Range officers will determine both score and shot counts if a further challenge is pursued, a challenge fee of $2.00 is required. A panel of three range officers will determine the score or shot count. Their decision will be final.

CLASSIFICATION: There will be three classifications A, B, and C. Those classifications will be determined by score.


Competitor faces NRA “D1” paper targets at distances of 12 FT, 25 FT, 50 FT, and 75 FT, with firing times as follows:

  • D-1 10 rounds 12 feet 15 seconds
  • D-1 10 rounds 25 feet 15 seconds
  • D-1 10 rounds 50 feet 15 seconds
  • D-1 10 rounds 75 feet 30 seconds
  • D-1 5 rounds 25 feet 15 seconds
  • D-1 5 rounds 50 feet 15 seconds

Contact: Email Frank Perrotta at [email protected]

Springfield League

The Springfield League meets on Range 10 on June 20; Range 11 on July 18 and August 22, beginning at 8:30 and ending at noon. Rain date is September 20. Limited to Springfield Armory XD, XDM, 1911s, and concealed carry division subcompact models, using Springfield targets. This is an intermediate league designed to help shooters learn to change magazines during shooting and drawing from a holster. New shooters are welcome.

Contact Tony Jacobazzi at 630.918.1631 or email  [email protected]

ISRA Smallbore Rifle League/Smallbore F-Class Rifle League

This league meets on Range 5 every Thursday starting May through September, from 2pm until dusk. Only .22 Rimfire Rifles are used. Smallbore was started in the 1870’s and is one of the most challenging shooting sports.  If you want to be a precision rifle shot, then smallbore is for you.  F-Class Smallbore uses optical sights and is designed for ‘lighter’ rifles rather than target rifles used in the traditional smallbore.  An organizational meeting is also on the first night.  New shooters are welcome.

Contact: James Miller 815-268-4411, [email protected].

Tuesday Night Irregular Rifle League

The TNIRL shoots NRA sanctioned High Power rifle matches on Range 3 Tuesday afternoons starting in April and ending in October. There is a relay at noon for those free earlier in the day, otherwise the league starts at 5:30pm. AR15s with iron or telescopic (max magnification 4.5) sights are most commonly used. A 30-caliber division allows use of traditional High-Power guns such as the M1A and M1 Garand. New shooters are welcome. Half (40 rounds plus 4 sighters) of a full course match is shot each week. One week Offhand and Rapid-Fire Sitting are shot at 200 yards on alternate weeks. Prone Rapid and Prone Slow are shot at 300 yards. Members do not have to attend every match; at the end of the season 200- and 300-yard recorded scores will be paired up to submit for NRA HP classification. A light barbecue dinner is provided after each evening’s match.

Contact: Email Bryan Coyle at: [email protected] with questions and for further information.

ISRA Marksmanship League

The Marksmanship League opens its 2021 season in March and concludes in October with various other dates through summer and fall, concluding the day of finals on October 17. Shooting starts at 9am and is finished by noon, accepting walk-ins only. Firearms to be used are .22 pistol, .22 revolver, center-fire (CF) pistol, CF revolver, and .22 rifle. In order to participate in the finals, you must compete at least twice. Competitor classes include juniors, women, men and seniors. This is a timed shooting league and based on the Lewis System. Fee is $5 per class, per match.

Contact is John Barone at 708.205.2799 or email [email protected]

Scout Rifle League

This league is for both experienced and new shooters. The course of fire is 5 sighted shots, consisting of 10 shots slowfire, 10 shots timed fire, and 10 shots rapid fire. A bipod may be used for slow fire. Timed fire is shot using a low barricade. These both are at 100 yards. Rapid fire is shot standing using a barricade at 50 yards. Slings are allowed. There are 2 classes: one for optic sights and one for iron sights. The initial registration fee is $10 and then each match will be $5.

Contact Richard Pearson or Laura Hack at 815.635.3198 or email [email protected] or [email protected] 

Military Benchrest League

This league is for people who enjoy shooting M1’s, MIA’s, AR15’s and so on but can’t because of physical limitations.  It is a 100-yard match shot from the bench.  A match will be 30 shots, consisting of a 10-shot slow fire and two 10 shot rapid fire strings.  One string will be 2 minutes and the other a minute and a half.  We will shoot this on traditional Army “A” target, also known as a “5V’ target.  There is an initial registration fee of $10 and then each match will be $5.

Contact Richard Pearson at [email protected].

Paper & Steel Leagues

Both leagues run from April through October.

Combat Paper & Steel League is different courses of fire from competition matches.  You must be an ISRA Range member to participate.

Paper & Steel Shotgun League is a two-man shotgun competition.  You must be an ISRA Range member to participate.

Contact Jeff Davis at 708.476.3257 or email [email protected] 

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Thomas B. Reed (1886)

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