Why Join ISRA?

ISRA Member Benefits and Services


1. Represents Illinois firearms owners. 
2. Defends the right to self-defense. 
3. Gets your message out. 
4. Trains gun owners. 
5. Promotes safe gun ownership & use. 
6. Sanctions championship shooting competitions. 
7. Protects the hunting and shooting sports. 
8. Keeps you informed. 

With Your Membership in the ISRA You Will: 

  • Receive the informative quarterly newspaper, The Illinois Shooter. It’s timely, educational and has the information you’ve asked for, want and need. 
  • Learn about the most recent voting records of political candidates – know who your pro-gun representatives are – it’s your valuable election guide. 
  • Receive your ISRA Member decals and membership card. 
  • Participate in ISRA supported state competitive shooting events. 
  • Protect your right to keep and use firearms – for sports, hobby, and peace of mind. 
  • Maintain your right to self-defense – protect yourself when no one else will. 
  • Honor America’s firearms heritage – It’s your Constitutional legacy. 
  • Fight fanatical firearms restrictions – Your voice does make a difference. 
  • Promote and supports organized, competitive and recreational shooting activities. 
  • Support the only Illinois-based gun owner’s rights organization with a full-time, salaried legislative advocate in Springfield. 
  • Support youth firearm activities such as the Jr. Olympics Training Camps, Junior State Championships and safety training.