ISRA/Glock League


DATES: 2020 Fall Glock League is on September 27, October 25, and November 30, 2020. 2021 Summer Glock League is on the following Sundays: June 27, July 25, and August 29, 2021.  2021 Fall Glock League: September 26, October 31, and November 28, 2021.

Registration begins at 8:30a.m. Mandatory safety briefing to shoot matches is at 9:00a.m.
The first match will be fired at approximately 9:15a.m. and will end at noon.  

LOCATION: Illinois State Rifle Association Range, Warner Bridge road, 1589 N 7000 W Road, Kankakee, IL, 1.25 miles north of Rt. 17, West of Kankakee 

FACILITIES: 25 Firing points, restrooms are available.  

ELIGIBILITY: Open to any qualified person using a Glock for the first match. After the first match only members of the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation are eligible. 

REGISTRATION FEE: $20.00 for the first model of Glock, the fee will be $15.00 for each different model of Glock there after. For each different model Glock pistol you will be entered in a drawing for a new Glock pistol to be given away after the final match.  

REFIRES: Refires with the same model Glock pistol will be $5.00 per time. 

ENTRIES: There will be no limit on entries. Those who have entered 5 days prior to the match will be given precedence. Walk on entries are welcome. 

SQUADDING: Competitors will be required to score and brass. Squadding shall be done as follows, Ready, Shoot, Score, Brass. 

RULES: Current GSSF and ISRA range rules will apply.  

CHALLENGES: Range officers will determine both score and shot counts if a further challenge is pursued, a challenge fee of $2.00 is required. A panel of three range officers will determine the score or shot count. Their decision will be final.  

CLASSIFICATION: There will be three classifications A, B, and C. Those classifications will be determined by score.  


Competitor faces NRA “D1” paper targets at distances of 12 FT, 25 FT, 50 FT, and 75 FT, with firing times as follows: 

D-1 10 rounds 12 feet 15 seconds
D-1 10 rounds 25 feet 15 seconds
D-1 10 rounds 50 feet 15 seconds  


D-1 10 rounds 75 feet 30 seconds
D-1 5 rounds 25 feet 15 seconds
D-1 5 rounds 50 feet 15 seconds 

Contact: Email Frank Perrotta at [email protected]