F-Class 300 Yard Rifle League 

 F Class matches are held every Wednesday from May through September on the 300 yard range.  We begin the match day around 10:00 AM and shoot through the day, with the final relay beginning around 6:00 PM.

Do you own a scoped centerfire rifle? Do you want to know what you are capable of with that rifle at 300 yards? Come out and try an F Class match.

Sometimes known as “benchrest prone”, F Class shooting is one of the fastest growing shooting disciplines. Geared towards shooters that enjoy competing with scoped rifles, F-Class matches are all slow-fire, prone shooting ‘for score’.  Assuming you have a good zero on your rifle, we shoot exclusively on electronic targets, eliminating the need for competitors to pull pit duty.  If you do not have a good zero you will have plenty of time to go over to the 100 yard range and get one.  If you need assistance with this or advice in translating it to 300 yards we are happy to help.

You will need a tablet or smart phone to view your shots as well as to score your fellow shooters.  If you have one, bring it.  If not we will provide a tablet and instruct you in the use of the electronic targets.

We typically shoot all day to accommodate each of our members needs.  Whenever we have a relay ready to begin a course of fire, we will shoot it.  The relay consists of a sighting period followed by 15 shots for record.  We then take a 5 minute break and repeat for a total of 30 shots for record.  At the end of the year, if you fill out an SR-1 form, we will send the scores to the NRA for classification purposes.

Shooters are divided into two classes determined by their equipment choices:

Field Target Rifle F-T/R is limited to the calibers of .223 and .308. Must be shot off a bipod attached to the gun with a rear sandbag allowed, weight limit 8.25 kg (18 lb) scope and bipod included, no limit on scope power, any safe trigger pull, any safe load.

Open Rifle

F-Open rifles can be any caliber under .35, shot off any rest as long as it does not return the gun to battery and does not connect the front and rear rests, weight limit 10 kg (22) lbs, not including the rest as long as it is not attached to the gun.

Special Note on Compensated Rifles

F-Class rules prohibit rifles with compensators.  As a courtesy to hunters and other occasional shooters, our league will try to accommodate these guns at most matches. However we will segregate these shooters to the far end of the firing line and cannot guarantee this accommodation at every match.

Equipment Needs:

You probably already have most of the gear you’d need.

• Eye and Ear protection

• Almost any scoped centerfire rifle

• 30 rounds of quality ammo for record plus sufficient rounds for sighters

• Bipod or front rest.

• Rear sandbag or rest

• Shooting mat or tarp

• Pen and paper

If you’d prefer to come out and just watch please make sure you bring eye and ear protection.

We strive for a safe, friendly and open environment at our weekly matches. If you would enjoy a summer of testing your skill with your equipment, learning what it takes to punch small groups of holes on sheets of paper three hundred yards down range, this may be the league for you. Most participants are there to compete against themselves in their pursuit of long range precision shooting. If you want to learn, share and enjoy the fellowship of the firing line ... then join us. Contact: Email Thomas Jurgens at [email protected]