ISRA Thursday Bulletin - November 12, 2020

by Richard Pearson

In spite of the news media calling the Presidential Election for Joe Biden, votes are still being counted and re-counted.  At this point, lawsuits are being filed in several states by the Trump Campaign questioning the results.  President Trump owes this to his supporters.

I have to say that I don’t have much faith in the integrity of the voter rolls.  On Monday, I received a letter from a member who found his son’s name still listed on the voter list even though he moved 12 years ago to another country.  I have received several calls in the last couple of years from people who live out of state but inherited property from parents who lived in Illinois.  When they returned to Illinois to take care of their property, they were quite surprised to find their long deceased relatives still voting and had even changed political parties.

Joe Biden’s call for unity is a complete waste of our time and his breath.  Biden’s supporters like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, columnist Jennifer Durkin and others have called for “blacklisting” anyone who does not agree with the election results.  This would include them from holding public office, serving on corporate boards, holding teaching positions and being publicly ostracized.  This must be a proud moment for Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.  When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Barack Obama and Joe Biden should have called for unity but they did not.  Instead, with the help of the mainstream media, they launched attacks on the new President, attacked his staff, called him every name in the book and tried to impeach him.  In the process they destroyed several good patriotic people who were naive but had no idea how corrupt and deadly the Washington D. C. swamp was and is.

Gun owners can expect the worst from Joe Biden and his team of left-wing ideologues.  We need to be ready.  How we do that will mean all gun owners must be on the same page and work tirelessly.  One of the names floated as Biden’s Attorney General is Andrew Cuomo, America’s most anti-gun Governor.   It looks like Cuomo, and others like him, is what we have to look forward to. 

Monday morning we were to go to Springfield to attend the first Veto Session.  That has been canceled because of Covid-19.  We will keep you up to date on whatever happens next.  I know many of you are looking forward to IGOLD.  There is no question the Spring Session of the General Assembly would be an important time to hold IGOLD.  The problem is we have no idea what the Spring Legislative Calendar looks like.  We usually get the new calendar during second Veto Session which will be the first week in December.  Right now, with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, everything is up for grabs to say the least.

We are watching events like the Deer Classic and Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) canceled for 2021. It looks like everything is going to be shut down for a while. 

We have amended the FOID Card suit (Bradley) so we are moving forward once again.  We had to replace all the plaintiffs with new people.  Thanks to all of those who sent in the stories of their delays.  We forward all those to our legal team.  You won’t hear from us until we need you.  Right now, I understand the Illinois State Police are 142,000 FOID cards behind.  I am often asked why we don’t do a class action suit.  Each plaintiff has to be contacted and with 142,000 people, that is impossible.  Don’t forget that number changes every day. 

I want to thank all those who have taken the time to contact us and for all the support you have given us.  Please remember to recruit everyone you can to become an ISRA member.


November 12, 1777 - Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams, tells Great Britain off.  In July 1777, the Congress adopted the “Olive Branch Petition” in an effort to avoid war with Great Britain.  Of course, Great Britain rejected the petition.   Abigail was furious.  Let us separate, they are unworthy to be our brethren announced Abigail, in no uncertain terms. That was unusual for a woman in that time, atta girl Abigail.

November 13, 1982 - The Vietnam Memorial is dedicated.  Welcome home.

November 15, 1777 - The Continental Congress adopts the Articles of Confederation.  Between 1776 and 1789, Americans went from being subjects of a sovereign king, to being citizens of sovereign states, and finally, a sovereign people under the United States Constitution.   All that occurred in just 13 years. 

November 18, 1883 - America’s railroads create time zone across the United States.  It wasn’t until 1918 when Congress made it official.

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