ISRA Thursday Bulletin - June 4, 2020

by Richard Pearson

Last Saturday morning I began hearing about violent protests that would occur later in the day.  There had been peaceful protests earlier on Saturday afternoon but they turned ugly Saturday night.  That pattern has now become familiar in only a few days when peaceful protests would be followed by violence, looting and marauding arsonists.  Police were standing by simply watching lawlessness, looting and arson.  All this had been confined to cities but rumors indicated that small towns would be next.  The police everywhere were overwhelmed. This means that you are on your own to protect your property as well as yourself and family.  This is exactly what I described a couple of weeks ago.  I admit I thought I was ready, but quickly realized I was kidding myself.  I was ready for one or two intruders in my house, not dozens.  By Sunday afternoon and evening I quickly adjusted my plans and added two more escape routes in case of fire and made sure my fire extinguishers were ready.  I loaded all my magazines and every firearm had a backup firearm.  Sunday night passed without incident.  On Monday I spent part of the day making sure my friends were also prepared.  Monday night also passed without incident but while waiting, I realized how unprepared most people are.  I am now going to invite them to a short training course using whatever firearm they have.  Will it be enough?  No, but it will still be better than no training and it might encourage them to get more training.  You should get more training also.

News broadcasters and the media are always tiptoeing around the bald faced truth.  I am not as politically correct as you may have noticed.  Let me start off by saying that I have great respect for the police, but the mayors and governors are another matter. 

Remember when the Coronavirus hit and the President tried to be in charge?  A great mournful howl came from some governors and big city mayors.  They said that was their jurisdiction and it was.  When they took over, it was an exercise in incompetence.  Edict after idiotic edict rolled out of their mouths. They let criminals out of jail who immediately went back to their old ways of robbery, rape and murder.  Those criminals are now happily looting and rioting because they know nothing will happen to them.


Then when the riots began, using the death of George Floyd as cover, those same governors and mayors, who demanded the Coronavirus situation was under their authority, vacillated and dithered.  The riots are a lot harder to deal with than the Coronavirus and even worse, there was no trough of public money to belly up to and get a share.  Leadership means you lead during the hard times but these governors and mayors were only masquerading as leaders.  Now the President may have to step in and make the hard decisions and do what those same gutless governors and mayors will criticize.  Of course, the lame street media will pile on. 


What we have all observed with these rioters is that they are highly organized and well-funded by someone.  The question is who is that person or persons?  The rioters always follow the protesters or mix in with them.  How do all these rioters get there?  Someone is paying them, paying their expenses and paying their bail to get out of jail.  In the Chicago area, a woman was arrested for rioting.  A week ago, this woman was living in a homeless shelter in Dallas, Texas; a week later, she is in Chicago.  How did she get there, she didn’t walk.  Then there is the matter of hundreds, maybe thousands, of pallets of bricks, some sawed in half for easier throwing, delivered conveniently to all the locations that rioters would go by, not to mention the stashes of hammers, crowbars and tools hidden nearby.  “Who” not only pays these people’s bail but also pays attorneys to represent them.  It is obvious that we are facing an antifa organization that exists to destroy the United States as we know it.  There are other organizations that are fellow travelers.  I am sure the leadership of these organizations are also in on it although many of their followers are just useful idiots.  I am also sure there are some mayors, governors and other public officials in on it.  Do not sell these people short.  The United States hasn’t been in this much danger since the Civil War.


I have been receiving calls on H.R. 5717.  This Resolution is in the United States House of Representatives.  Proposed laws at the federal level are called resolutions unlike the state level where they are called bills.  Resolutions at the state level are advisory.  The title of H.R. 5717 is misleading, as always.  It is known as the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020.  In fact, the title is simply a lie.  If passed, this resolution would increase taxes 30% on firearms and 50% on ammunition.  The money, they say, would be used for gun violence prevention.  That is just double talk.  What it would actually do is provide money for anti-gun programs and make firearm owners pay for it.  Call your Congressman and ask them to oppose this resolution.


FYI for those who have a Utah Concealed Carry Permit and have a Medical Marijuana Card, you can expect your Utah permit to be canceled.  Utah recently changed their law and you can’t have a Medical Marijuana Card from Illinois or any other state that offers something similar.  I am guessing that this pops up when Utah runs your background check.  Marijuana is a federally prohibited substance. 


I am pleased to announce the ISRA Range will host an ISRA Bullseye Class presented by Captain Philip Hemphill on July 18 & 19.  Captain Hemphill is one of the finest Bullseye shooters in the United States.  Class size is limited to 20 students.  Make your reservations now with laura@isra.org.  


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