ISRA Thursday Bulletin - June 18, 2020

by Richard Pearson

Gun sales are breaking records month after month.  The number of new firearm owners grows by the thousands not only in Illinois, but everywhere.  These new gun owners understand that what we are seeing in the streets may soon come to their front door.  Everyone needs to get their head out of the sand and get ready.  The new gun owners need training and so do a lot of the old gun owners, by the way.  Every instructor, NRA, USCCA, and Concealed Carry, needs to be offering and advertising classes right now.  These people need your help and you need to be stepping up to the plate.  The ISRA is developing a list of instructors throughout the state.  If you are an instructor and want to be on that list, please get you credentials together.  We will be calling for them around July 1, 2020. 

The Illinois State Rifle Association Range is a laboratory for developing classes to meet the needs of today’s gun owner.  Examples are the AR15 Maintenance Class, the Introduction to the AR15 Class and the Defense Tactics for Handgun Course.  If you are interested in any of these classes, email us at member@isra.org.  

We also have higher level classes such as MTG’s Tactical Defensive Rifle Course (July 18 & 19), Philip Hemphill’s Bullseye Clinic (July 18 & 19), MTG’s Advanced Handgun Skills (August 22 & 23) and the CMP Rifle Marksmanship 101 Training Course (September 25-27).  These are all great classes and they are taught right here in Illinois at the ISRA Range. 

The ISRA has a ninth court case we are working on.  This case is known as Evans v. Illinois State Police and Cook County State’s Attorney.   A few months ago, an Illinois Appellate Court ruled that those who sought relief for their denied or revoked FOID cards could never get such relief because of the way the law was written.  So Alfred Evans Jr., a man with some youthful mistakes, but now a fine family man and business owner, could not get his FOID application denial reversed, even though the Appellate Court said it would do so if the law were not written in such a way that its hands were tied.  David Sigale, with co-counsel Bryant Chavez and the support of the ISRA, is litigating Mr. Evans' case in the Illinois Supreme Court to get his wrongful interpretation of Illinois law reversed, so that Mr. Evans and other deserving individuals like him can fully enjoy their Second Amendment rights.

The Second Amendment was dealt a disappointing blow on Monday when the Supreme Court of the United States denied Writ of Certiorari for all 10 Second Amendment cases that were asking to be heard.  One of those cases was Wilson vs Cook County, an ISRA case, which we have been working on for 18 years.  Thousands of hours of research and legal fees went into this case alone.  The other, Culp vs. Raoul, also an ISRA case, was another important case dealing with Second Amendment issues across state lines.  The other 8 cases were from other states and were all important in their own individual ways.  In my opinion, the reason these cases were denied is because Chief Justice Roberts is weak on Second Amendment issues.  While this is a setback, it is better than to have the rulings go the wrong way.  Justice Thomas and Justice Kavanaugh are stalwarts on Second Amendment issues and have fought for us diligently.  This does not mean that we are going to quit.  We will have new cases moving forward soon.  What this does mean is that every gun owner in the United States better support the re-election of Donald Trump.  We have to get more conservative Judges on the Supreme Court.  I warned everyone a long time ago that this is going to be a long and hard fight with twist and turns that seem to come at the most inopportune times.  The ISRA never gives up, we just reload and go right back at it.

Make your reservations now!  There are a few openings available for this upcoming class: July 18-19, MTG Tactical Defensive Rifle, Kankakee, IL - $500 - Time to bond with your AR or Pistol Caliber Carbine.  Two-day course takes beginners and intermediate shooters to advanced level.  This is geared toward the environment that most of us live in, suburban and semi-rural, or home defense.  Center-fire semi-automatic rifles or pistol-caliber carbines only.  Slings are mandatory. Red dot type sights are allowed and BUIS are advisable.   800 rounds of rifle ammo and 100 rounds pistol.  At least two rifle mags and two pistol mags.  Holster, mag pouches etc.  Firing will be from 100 yards and in and short range (25 yards to nearly muzzle contact.) Covering the following topics and skill sets:  Positional shooting, standing, sitting, kneeling, prone and cover positions.  Rifle zeroing options.  Mirror image firing and proper transition.  Dealing with off-set at closer distances.  No Prerequisite.  Contact Andy Kemp at andy1911@imaxmail.net or call 208-771-3413.  Visit the website at www.MidwestTrainingGroup.net 

Here are a couple of dates in history worth remembering:  On June 19, 1952, the United States Army Special Forces was created.  On June 20, 1924, Audie Murphy was born.  Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier in WWII.  Who was the second most decorated soldier In WWII?  Nevil Brand from Kewanee, Illinois. 

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