ISRA Thursday Bulletin - July 30, 2020

by Richard Pearson

The saga of Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s treachery in prosecuting Mark and Patricia McCloskey has taken another turn.  Apparently, the pistol Patricia McCloskey was holding was used in a previous court case and had been rendered inoperable so it could be brought into court.  It, therefore, was not a weapon.  Kim Gardner and her enterprising staff had the crime lab fix the gun so it was capable of being fired.  This was done to bring charges against the McCloskeys.  I’m going to guess this wasn’t the first time this was done in the Circuit Attorney’s office.  It sounds like the McCloskeys need to hire a snake charmer as well as an attorney.  Meanwhile, I have heard George Soros, who financed Gardner’s campaign, has left the United States.  No one seems to know where he went.  While that seems like good news, it really isn’t. This guy has long tentacles. 

We are still waiting for a court hearing date on our suit against the Illinois State Police for not issuing new FOID cards in the time required by law.  There are many of you who have properly completed the renewal of your FOID card and are outside the time limit receiving it and still have heard nothing.  Many of you have contacted the office with the details.  Please continue to do that by email and be sure to put your contact information in.  Your email will be forwarded to our attorney.

The very same is true for those who have renewed their Illinois Concealed Carry License and are outside the time limit.  You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out where the ISRA is taking all of this.  Let me say the ISRA is fighting for your Second Amendment Rights.  We need your help so if you get this and are not an ISRA member, join today.  If you have friends that are not ISRA members get them to join also.

I had an amazing conversation with someone this week asking what he could do to help and I asked him to join.  He asked how much it was and I told him $30.  He hesitated and said he would have to think about it.  I have had this conversation many times before.  There are some gun owners who think all the time, money and effort that goes into protecting your Second Amendment Rights just happens by itself.  It doesn’t work that way.  Freedom isn’t free.

I, like many of you, have long thought civil war might come to the United States.  That possibility came a step closer in June when ANTIFA declared they were forming a Red Army in the United States with the goal of annihilating their enemies. That translates to people like you and me, just in case you are not getting what they mean.  ANTIFA was formerly known as ACORN, whose members roughed up voters going to the poles.  ANTIFA are the rioters who follow Black Lives Matter protesters that burn, vandalize and loot stores.  They are ruthless and don’t care about killing anyone who gets in their way.  Those left wing millionaires and billionaires who fund these people should be tried for sedition. Sedition is trying to inspire revolution and overthrow the government.  There are a few of them who are naturalized citizens and should be deported and stripped of all property in the United States.  George Soros comes to mind.  If they have worked with foreign governments, they could be charged with treason.  That would include the United Nations in my book.  The punishments for sedition or treason could be death, by the way.  Congressmen Jerry Nadler (D-17 New York) said in an interview, on Sunday, that ANTIFA is a myth.  Well, Jerry wouldn’t it be fun to find out how you might be connected to ANTIFA?

Remington has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the second time in two years.  Remington’s 950 million dollar debt load came from litigation cost due to a faulty safety on their Model 700 rifle and from the Sandy Hook shooting.  The Sandy Hook lawsuit should have never involved Remington.  The mother of the shooter legally purchased a Bushmaster AR15 (Bushmaster was owned by Remington).  Her son murdered her and took the rifle which was used in the shooting.  This is an example of using the courts for political purposes.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot claims there are no background checks in surrounding states which is why her city is having big problems.  Sorry Mayor, that isn’t true.  Why Chicago is having problems has a lot to do with the present Chicago Mayor and previous political hack mayors who wouldn’t or couldn’t provide strong leadership for the city.  


July 31, 1777, the Marquis de Lafayette was commissioned as a Major General in the Continental Army, with no pay.  Lafayette’s entire name was Marie-Joseph Paul Roch Yvette Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette.  No wonder we just refer to him as Lafayette!

August 1, 1943, PT-109 sinks off of Cross Island in the South Pacific, Lt. John F. Kennedy commanding.

August 2, 1876, Wild Bill Hickok is shot in the back at the No. 10 Saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota, by Jack McCall.  McCall was tried, convicted and hanged.  No repeat offenders in those days.

August 4, 1830, plans are laid out for the City of Chicago.

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