ISRA Thursday Bulletin - July 2, 2020

by Richard Pearson

The Chicago Tribune reports that between June 1, 2020, and June 17, 2020, the Illinois State Police received 42,089 applications for FOID cards, with nearly 5000 of those applications occurring in one day.  This upswing in FOID card applications has been going on since last December.  

Like many instructors, FFLs and others in the firearms community, I have talked to many people who never considered owning a firearm before and have now changed their mind.  It is evident that the police cannot protect you.  As I keep repeating, the Supreme Courts in all states, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States, have ruled that the police have no duty to protect any individual.  They simply can protect who they want to protect.  The greatest example of that was when Princess Di came to Chicago.  The Chicago Police Department was ordered to protect her.  To do that, they pulled officers out of every area of Chicago.  Crime went up in those neighborhoods.  The citizens who paid for police protection were hung out to dry, except for Princess Di.  Every citizen needs to know and understand that.

In Seattle, the businesses and people living in the CHAZ/CHOP area are going to sue the City of Seattle.  Good luck with that one.  It is a waste of time and money.  Some citizens, at least, are now learning that they are on their own.  In Illinois, the first step in defending yourself is getting a FOID card.  If you are a law-abiding citizen, you will need to fill out the application on the Illinois State Police website.  Often, FFLs or your State Representative or State Senator will help you.

Speaking of FOID cards, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart wants to raise FOID card fees to help him pay for more ankle monitoring devices for all the scum they have let out of jail in Cook County.  Law-abiding gun owners did not cause any crimes but we are supposed to pay for the lawlessness that Cook County allows?  No thank you.  Criminals complain that they have to pay for the cost of their own monitoring.  If you don’t want to be in the legal system, don’t commit crimes.  If you don’t commit crimes, that will go a long way toward keeping you out of the legal system.  I’m surprised they don’t know that.

Movements to defund the police have caused the veil of secrecy that has surrounded them to be lifted once the details of defunding are revealed.  Minneapolis has indeed defunded the police but the City Council has hired private security to protect them.  Their hypocrisy has no limits it seems.  In Los Angeles, the special victims unit, gang crime units and other essential units for the people who need it most were cut.  Of course training is cut everywhere.  What we have here is rule by the mob.  I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.  The mob is actually the left wing’s militia.  They are well financed and controlled by those who want to destroy the United States - names like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg to mind.  These people hate, and I do mean hate, the Second Amendment because that is one of the few ways American citizens can fight back.

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