ISRA Thursday Bulletin - January 21, 2021

by Richard Pearson

By now most of you know the NRA has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  Chapter 11 is protection from creditors, not complete bankruptcy.  The NRA has also announced it will reincorporate in Texas.  The NRA Board of Directors and Wayne LaPierre have been chastised and applauded for these moves.  I am on the applauding side of these moves.  It has been suggested many times that the NRA, which was founded and incorporated in New York State in 1871, move out of New York to a more friendly state.  It’s too bad it had to happen this way but at least it is getting done.

In a peculiar way, New York State’s Attorney General vowed to destroy the NRA and subsequent lawsuits may have actually saved it.  Every state has regulations but in places like New York, they are used to milk all the money possible out of businesses and protecting the public is secondary.  New York is a snake pit of a place to do business, in any case, but when the state decides it does not like what you are doing or who and what you represent, it is unsurvivable. 

It will take a while to relocate and restructure the NRA in Texas but in the end, the NRA and American gun owners will be better off.  I know some will say it should have never happened.  Well, it did; now let’s move on and do our part to help rebuild the NRA.  For some reason, gun owners always want to form a circular firing squad and execute everyone, including themselves.  Let’s not do that and save all that energy for our true enemies.

The Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) is canceled for 2021 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  That does not mean companies are not releasing new products.  You will be reading about these products in the coming weeks either online or in outdoor magazines.  The problem is that outdoor writers will not be able to shoot or test these products at the show.  So I and others who depend on the SHOT Show can’t give our impressions.  I will tell you that it has been my experience that it takes 6 to 9 months, in many cases, for new products to make it to dealers.  This is certainly not a normal year so I have no idea how long it will be.

One of the more interesting announcements was the Savage Arms Impulse rifle.  The Impulse looks like a bolt action rifle but it is actually a straight pull.  A straight pull rifle makes the rifle much faster for follow up shots because a straight pull only requires two motions.  A standard bolt action requires four motions.  Straight pull rifles have been around for a long time.  I have shot the Blazer R8 and it worked very well.  I’m sure the Savage will work very well.  Savage rifles have traditionally been very accurate so for plains game and long range competition, the Savage Impulse should fill the bill. If you go to the Savage Arms website, there is a video on how it operates.

We have a new President.  His inaugural speech was a litany of platitudes that sounded good but really meant nothing.  It is the actions that will follow that will have meaning.  The next 100 days will set the course for the rest of his Presidency.  We have already seen the stopping of both the border wall and the Keystone Pipeline.  These are clear indicators that the 74 million people who did vote for Trump are going to be ignored and get their noses rubbed in the mud -  so much for the new President’s idea of unity.


January 23, 1957 - Wham-O Toy Company introduces the Frisbee. Dogs have been having fun ever since.

January 23, 1849 - Elizabeth Blackwell is the first woman to receive a medical degree.  She graduated from Geneva Medical College in New York.

January 24, 1965 - Winston Churchill dies.  Churchill was born in 1874 from an American mother and English father.  In 1895, Churchill joined the Fourth Hussars (Light Cavalry) and distinguished himself in several battles.  He carried a Mauser Broomhandle semi-automatic pistol.  In WWII, The American 1911 became his preferred carry gun.  He was also quite fond of the Thompson submachine gun.  Churchill had a long career in government complete with a few ups and downs.  He was a powerful speaker and with his eloquence held Great Britain together during WWII.

January 24 1848 - Gold was discovered at Sutter’s Creek in California.  Sutter’s land was overrun by prospectors, killing his cattle and destroying his fields.  Sutter never recovered and never profited.  He died broke in 1880.

January 24, 1935 - Canned beer is sold for the first time.  In WWII, millions of American soldiers appreciated canned beer, including my father.  Somehow, a truckload of canned beer was misdirected and was dumped in the ammo dump by his artillery unit.  This happened several times.  What a coincidence.

January 25, 1908 – The largest diamond ever found was discovered in a diamond mine in Pretoria, South Africa.  The diamond weighed in at 1.33 pounds or 3,105 carats.  It was eventually cut into 106 smaller stones, the largest being the Star of Africa.  The diamond cutter studied the stone for six months before trying to cut it.  On the first strike, the steel blade broke but the diamond was unhurt.  With the second strike, the stone shattered perfectly.  The diamond cutter, Joseph Asscher, fainted from exhaustion.

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