ISRA Thursday Bulletin - February 11, 2021

by Richard Pearson

We are entering the legislative season which is the most dangerous time for citizens.  Most firearm owners pay attention to federal and state legislation.  The primary job of the ISRA is to handle legislation in the Illinois State Legislature.  That does not mean we ignore federal and local legislation.  Local legislation at the county, city, village or other forms of local government can be just as dangerous.  Zoning boards are a particular headache.  The fact is, I look at all forms and levels of government with a jaundiced eye.  Every level of government has huge power when compared to the individual citizen. Most of the time, people who serve on local government boards are good people but every once in a while, somebody gets elected who believes they are God’s gift to us all.  These people become tyrants.  Someone once said “There is no tyrant like a small tyrant.”  They knew what they were talking about.

At the national level, H. R. 127 is an example of really bad legislation that is out there.  This Resolution was introduced by anti-gun zealot Sheila Jackson Lee (D-18 Texas).  We all need to call our Congressmen or Congresswomen and oppose this Resolution.  You can google the Resolution and get the wording.  This Resolution has a long way to go but it shows us all where the anti-gun crowd wants to go.  I should remind everyone that in Congress, Resolutions are proposed laws and as such are binding.  In the State of Illinois, resolutions are not binding but the bills are. 

In Illinois we are watching more and more bills being introduced.  Please go to our website and click on Advocacy - Legislation to see which bills we are tracking.  There are three categories: Support, Oppose or Monitor.  Some bills are easy to figure out where they are going but at other times, we just need to keep an eye on the bill because we may think it will turn into something else.

As I have mentioned, bills all start out in the Rules Committee in the Illinois House and are then assigned to a Committee for hearings.  In the Senate, they start out in the Assignments Committee and from there, are sent to a Committee.  Right now, there are no face to face hearings scheduled in the Illinois Legislature.  The hearings are subject matter only.  That means no real action can be taken on them.  As soon as something happens, we will let you know.  In the meantime, I would refresh your skills on filling out witness slips.  This is going to break loose sometime.

Your ISRA lobbyists are on the ground here is Springfield after a long hiatus.  Today the Illinois House of Representatives passed a significant resolution.  The Resolution, H.R. 72, limits the terms of Speaker of the House and Minority Leader to five General Assemblies or 10 years.  I have long advocated for this limitation.  The problem has been entrenchment.  These people accumulate too much power.

Some will say “Why give them 10 years?”  The answer is government, whether we like it or not, is a complex organization.  It takes the time to understand it, let alone lead it within the framework prescribed.  The question always is, “why not limit every representative to eight years or whatever?” It is because no elected representatives are there long enough to understand the corporate history and why things are done in certain ways.  So what, you say?  The “so what” is that the unelected government bureaucrats and lobbyists are the only ones who understand the system and can manipulate it right under the noses of those representatives and senators.  The elected representatives of the people are merely “the Christmas help” to be worked around.  California is a prime example.  The people do have term limits on the table every election cycle; they just have to exercise their votes.  Term limits do not guarantee the nitwit whose term has ended won’t be replaced by a worse nitwit.  H.R. 72 is certainly a step in the right direction.

For those FFLs who want to comment on the ISP Rule for surveillance systems, here is another email for you to send your comments: Jcar@ilga.gov

The month of January set a new record for firearm sales.  There were 4.3 million background checks in January 2021, half of which were for concealed carry permits and FOID cards but that still leaves about 2.1 million background checks that resulted in a firearm purchase.  As I said last month, there would be more firearms sold but some stores simply ran out of firearms to sell.  It looks like Joe Biden may exceed Barack Obama’s gun sales record. 

Winchester has added some new ammunition to their Silvertip self-defense line of ammunition; this ammunition is designed with massive stopping power.  Included in this line of ammunition is .223, .300 Blackout, .308 Winchester and .22 long rifle.  The .22 long rifle is most interesting.  This .22 round is loaded with a 37 grain bullet that breaks into three parts on impact and penetrates 12 inches.  For those who can’t handle a larger caliber or much recoil, this might be an answer for them.


February 12, 1941 - German General Erwin Rommel arrives in Africa. 

February 13, 1861 - Colonel J. D. Irwin is awarded the first Medal of Honor for action in the Apache conflict.  Colonel Irwin, along with 14 troops, started out on foot for a 100 mile trek to rescue 60 men trapped by Chiricahua Chief Cochise.  Eventually, Irwin and his troops were able to get mules to ride and did indeed rescue the trapped soldiers.  For his leadership, determination and bravery, he was selected to receive the Medal of Honor in 1862.  With typical government efficiency, he actually received the medal in 1894, only 32 years later.

February 14, 270 AD - Valentine, a Catholic Priest, is executed by Emperor Claudius II for marrying young lovers.  Claudius was also known as Claudius the Cruel by the people.  Claudius was having trouble getting soldiers for his Legions because the men wanted to stay with their wives and children.  Claudius banned marriage and forbade priests from marrying.  Valentine, feeling the plight of the young lovers, continued to marry them in secret.  Of course, the Emperor found out and had Valentine sentenced to death.  On February 14, 270 AD, he was beaten and beheaded.  Shortly before he was executed, he allegedly wrote a note to one of the guard’s daughters, signing it “Your Valentine”.   In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius declared February 14th as Valentine’s Day for his defense of love and marriage.

February 15, 1903 - The first Teddy Bears go on sale.  Toy store owner and inventor Morris Michtom wrote President Theodore Roosevelt asking his permission to use the name.  Roosevelt gave him permission and little kids, and lately some adults, have been snuggling up with them ever since.

February 16, 1804 - President Thomas Jefferson orders U. S. Navy vessels to attack the Barbary Pirates. The Barbary States of Morocco, Algeria, Tunis and Tripolitania were attacking international shipping in the Mediterranean Sea.  They would then ransom ships, cargo, and captured people back to their owners or countries.  No one, not even the great navel powers of Great Britain, France and others, would stand up to them.  President Jefferson would have none of it.  The U.S.S. Philadelphia ran aground along the Barbary Coast and was captured by the pirates.  Lt. Stephen Decatur attacked the pirate crew aboard the U.S.S. Philadelphia and killed all but two of them.  The Philadelphia later caught fire and blew up.  Famed British Admiral Horatio Nelson called Decatur’s raid the most daring of the age.  The Barbary Pirates gave U. S. ships a wide berth from then on.

February 17, 1820 - The Missouri Compromise is reached in an attempt to deal with the problem of slavery.  In typical government fashion, they kicked the can down the road.  Forty years later, the Civil War would settle the problem at the cost of 600,000 American lives.

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