ISRA Thursday Bulletin - December 17, 2020

by Richard Pearson

We are all aware of the Red Chinese influence on the United States.  The Chinese have been in the diplomatic intrigue business for thousands of years, yet we seem to underestimate them.  They pat you on the back and pick your pocket at the same time.  

The latest disclosure is the Chinese spy Fang Fang, also known as Christine Fang, who was working very closely with the very anti-gun California Congressman, Eric Swalwell.  There are about 400,000 Red Chinese students in the United States.  They are all told that it is their duty to spy for Mother China.   Mother China pays for their education.  This isn’t that hard to figure out. 

Before that was the revelation that Senator Diane Feinstein’s driver was a spy.  Of course, the main stream media poo pooed the whole thing.  Think about what a driver for someone like Feinstein knows.  Things like where you go, when you go and who you meet with.  Plus, there are the phone conversations you have in the vehicle.  Of course, the spy wouldn’t listen or surreptitiously record them, of course not. Then we have Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, defending Swalwell, despite his relationship with the Chinese spy, Fang Fang.  Looking back a few months, Nancy Pelosi suddenly ditched the Bipartisan Committee on China while still claiming to have been fighting China for years.  Every time the left wing Democrats scream Russia, Russia, Russia, it is just a smoke screen to hide China, China, China.

Now comes the Biden Clan who all seem to be involved with the Red Chinese one way or the other.  Before the General Elections, the allegations of Hunter Biden being involved with Red Chinese and the trails of money leading to the rest of the Biden family were not widely reported in the media.  In fact, they were suppressed because these activities would have influenced the outcome of the Presidential Election.  This was censorship by omission by the media.  This was true not only of the mainstream media but social media in all its platforms, as well.

For years, we have watched newsy situations being reported using the exact same words in the Washington Post, New York Times, the talk shows mainstream media and social media all at the same time.  This is particularly true of stories involving Red China.  It almost makes you think the propaganda arm of some Red China is involved, doesn’t it?   We think about Red China being invested in politics at the national level but there are stories in the shadowy headlines that talk about the Red Chinese working with local city councilmen.  If that is true, why wouldn’t the Red Chinese try to penetrate the media in all of its forms?  I believe the answer is they have.  I am not saying that every news room and personality is included.  I am pretty sure that people like Rush Limbaugh or organizations like Newsmax or Fox News have not been comprised.  Wouldn’t it be fun to check the bank accounts, including the overseas bank accounts, of the left wing news anchors and “news” organizations?  The same thing happens to those in the social media businesses and movie makers.  I have to admit it may be tough to get anything out of The Peoples Bank of China.  I used to call CNN the Clinton News Network.  Maybe it should be renamed the Chinese News Network. 

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) has raided an Arizona company called Polymer 80 which markets 80% kits called “Buy, Build, Shoot”.  If you are a DEALER that has one or more of these kits, you should contact the ATF and/or your attorney.  The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is monitoring the situation.

Another matter I am watching is the AR15 pistols with arm braces.  The ATF is supposed to be clarifying what is legal and what is not.  They haven’t said anything yet.  There are two problems with these AR15 pistols.  First, they are not supposed to be able to be fired from the shoulder using the brace.  Secondly, if they can be fired from the shoulder, they fall under the National Firearms Act and are classified as a short barreled rifle.   That means a $200 Federal Excise Tax and a barrel of headaches if you live in Illinois.

Just so I don’t get a million phone calls, I am just reporting what is going on because I suspect that some of our members may have these.  This is going to be a political issue with the new administration in the White House.  Just so you know, I am not the engineer on this train; I can’t blow the whistle or ring the bell.  I am just making you aware of what is happening.  Check the National Shooting Sports Foundation website, NSSF.org.

Walter Walsh was a remarkable shot.  In the 1930s, the National Rifle and Pistol Championships had a match known as “The All Around Match.”  In those days, some competitors shot in the High Power matches, the Smallbore matches and the Pistol matches.  The final scores of all those matches were added together for the All Around Champion.  Walter Walsh won the All Around Championship match twice.  He was a pretty tough guy.  In the 1930s, while he was a FBI agent, he got in a shootout with the Brady Gang.  Walter killed both the gang leader and one other gang member after he was shot through the lung.  When WWII came along, Walter was in the United States Marines.  He found himself in the middle of hell on Okinawa, pinned down by a Japanese sniper who was in a tree.  He drew his 1911 Service Pistol and fired one shot at the sniper.  The sniper fell out of the tree dead.  Reports show the shot was between 80 and 90 yards.  Amazing anytime, but more amazing under fire.

During the 1972 Olympics in Munich Germany, Walter was in charge the United States Shooting Team.  The ever-ready Marine had rally points set up just in case some disaster happened.  When Middle Eastern terrorists attacked the Israeli athletes, the United States team escaped unhurt because of Walters’s foresight.  Walter was an NRA Board Member and legend in the shooting world.  He was a great man who deserves to be remembered.

On December 15, 2020, the Illinois State Rifle Association filed for an injunction against the Illinois State Police.  The injunction was filed in the Northern District of Illinois.  The injunction asked the court to comply with the FOID Card Act and issue the FOID card within the 30 day time limit as required by law.  The hearing is scheduled for December 22, 2020.


December 17, 1903 - Orville and Wilbur Wright make the first successful airplane flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  The first flight lasted 12 seconds.  By 1905, the Wright Brothers saw their airplane could fly for 39 minutes.

December 17, 1777 - France recognizes the United States as an independent nation.

December 18, 1620 - The Pilgrims land at Plymouth Harbor.  They begin not only to build a settlement, but operate governance under the Mayflower Compact that built a new nation.

December 19, 1777 - George Washington and the Continental Army begin to winter at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  The soldiers were weak, starving and many were sick.  They were so hungry they boiled their shoes and belts and ate them.   Almost all of the Indians were on the British side because they thought the British would win.  Only the Oneida Indians were willing to help Washington and his soldiers.  The Oneida hauled 600 bags of corn on their backs to feed the starving troops.  During that winter, the Americans trained, drilled and became an army.

December 21, 1945 - General George Patton dies of a broken neck suffered in a minor traffic accident.  General Patton believed in reincarnation.  General, if you are available, we could use you around here right now.

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