ISRA Thursday Bulletin - April 2, 2020

by Richard Pearson

The ISRA has been encouraging the Illinois State Police (ISP) to find a way to extend FOID card and ICCL expiration dates.  We know they are working very hard on this issue.  We have heard from them today, April 2nd, 2020.  Here is their response:

“The Illinois State Police (ISP) is aware of concerns being expressed during this pandemic related to FOID and CCL expirations.  ISP reminds FOID and CCL holders that their cards will remain valid during the renewal process once a renewal application is submitted.  ISP is continuing to seek a legal remedy to address expirations during this time.”

The ISRA will continue to work with the ISP to find solutions to the FOID card and ICCL issues.

The Illinois Supreme Court has remanded the Vivian Brown case back to the White County Circuit Court.  The Illinois State Supreme Court cites issues of constitutional and non-constitutional factors.  We will let you know more as we receive additional information.

It is with great regret that I must cancel IGOLD for Spring 2020.  All rallies and lobby days are canceled for the rest of the Spring Legislative Session.  Only constitutional officers, legislators, staff, and employees will be able to enter the Capitol Complex on a regular basis.  Even lobbyists and witnesses in hearings will have limited access.  This does not mean the ISRA will stop working for you.  Once we get a clear idea of what is happening, we will contact you regarding what you can do.  Of course, you can still contact your legislators by phone, fax, email or in their district offices.  I expect the legislature to meet this summer.  We will plan for another IGOLD this fall if everything settles down by then.  

For those deer hunters, it won’t be long before new fawns will be dropping.  They are quite vulnerable and easy prey for coyotes.  Coyote control is essential for fawn survival.  Studies at Auburn University have shown that constant pressure must be maintained on coyote populations by either trapping and/or hunting if the deer herd is to increase.  The problem is that coyotes are very prolific themselves.  Therefore, coyotes are always looking for new territory to hunt.  When coyotes are taken out of an area, other coyotes will fill that area in just a few weeks, not months, as some hunters think.  Now is a perfect time to thin the coyotes.  Keep the pressure on them now and throughout the rest of the year.   

As I mentioned in the last couple of Thursday Bulletins, suing states, municipalities, and others under the section U.S. Code (42 U.S.C. 5207) Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law has looked promising for some time.  New Jersey’s high-handed ways and disregard for the Second Amendment against law-abiding firearm owners earned them the privilege of being the first to be sued using that section of law.  Ironically, at the same time, over 700 New Jersey law officers, with more expected to be stricken, are off duty because of the Coronavirus.  This vividly points out the purpose and need for the Second Amendment.  The suit was brought by our friends at the Second Amendment Foundation et al. (et al. meaning others).  Since the suit was filed, New Jersey has allowed gun stores to reopen but that will not stop the suit.  The same thing has happened in California.  The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is leading the charge on these lawsuits assisted by local organizations like the Illinois State Rifle Association.

Since these lawsuits started, beginning with New Jersey, a number of states have stopped closing gun stores.  Delaware and Pennsylvania were the first two that got the message and reversed course.   Illinois Governor Pritzker actually did the right thing with keeping gun stores open and many other Governors got the message. 

Most people look out the window and are comforted when they see a squad car go by.  I know I am.  But I also know that most police departments are not as well equipped to handle civil unrest as people think they are.  I know of a couple of police departments in fairly large cities that may only have a few hundred rounds of ammunition in reserve.  Moreover, if it is needed, the questions are how do you divide it up, who needs it the most and how do you get it there?  Some people think all that a police department has to do is ask for help from other police departments.  That is true unless they are in the same boat as the department asking for help.  

The Coronavirus has taught us a lot.  For one thing, there are those who always brush off the idea of being ready with the flippant quip, “it can’t happen here.”  Well, it can and is and it’s not over yet.  I will once again remind you that in a situation like this, on the job training isn’t the best idea.  Preparation is a far better idea.  This situation will be over sooner or later.  When it is, we must not slip into our couch potato posture or it will happen again.  Next time it could be much worse. 

The ISRA is always compiling documentation about gun owners’ problems with the ISP FOID/ICCL system.  This is for the obvious reason of either a lawsuit or to use in legislation.  This request is no exception.

1. I would like to know if you bought a firearm and if the waiting period took longer than 72 hours.  I will need to know when you purchased the firearm and when and if you were approved.  I will need the exact dates.  Of course, I will need your name, address and phone number.
Email the information to member@isra.org.

2.  I would like to know how long it took you to renew your FOID card.  I need to know when your card expired, when you applied, when and if you received it or if you are you still waiting.  I will need your name, address and phone number.  Email your information to member@isra.org.

The more potential cases we have, the better it will be for us to take positive action. 

Thank you for any help you can give us. 

Thanks for being a member.
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Author: ISRA Staff

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