ISRA Thursday Bulletin - April 16, 2020

by Richard Pearson

I want to thank all those who share our Facebook Posts, particularly the Thursday Bulletin.  Last week’s Thursday Bulletin reached 114,568 people so far.  We have been teetering around the 90,000 number for a while but we finally broke the glass ceiling.  We get blocked once in a while by Facebook so we can’t boost our posts.  They say we are too political.  Who me?

The Illinois State Police (ISP) Emergency Rules keeping FOID card and ICCLs valid was a welcome relief to the gun owners In Illinois.  The problem of issuing new FOID cards and ICCLs had become insurmountable for the State.  Now the state will have time to issue new FOIDs and ICCLs.  The ISRA has been criticized by some for working with the ISP.  To those folks, I say that you have to work in the world that exists not the fantasy world that you want to be in.  It is the ISRA’s job to protect the Second Amendment.  How we do that changes from time to time.  The gun rights battle field is asymmetrical to say the least. 

The rule keeping FOID cards valid was a great thing.  There are about 37,000 FOID cards that renew or are new issues each month.  I estimated between 600,000 to 900,000 FOID card holders will be positively affected during the span of this pandemic.  There are another 100,000 or so ICCLs that have to be added into the equation. 

The ISP is also allowing people to renew the ICCLs without a renewal certificate.  They are modifying the ISP website so that it will accept your renewal without a certificate while amidst this pandemic.  Some people have tried to renew without the certificate already but had problems. I would not get in a hurry.  Give it a few days to get the bugs out.  I have been around computers and computer systems for a long time.  I have determined that the all have a critical needs sensor in them.  The more you need them, the less likely they are to work.  Cyber stubbornness.

I have been getting calls on the cancellation of the Illinois Retired Officers Concealed Carry (IROCC) program.  IROCC is a horse of a different color.  IROCC was passed in 2004 or 2005 and is a federal program governed in Illinois by the Law Enforcement Training Standards Board.  The Illinois State Police have nothing to do with IROCC.  I am checking into it. 

The most important victim of the Coronavirus is our civil liberties.  I watched them get eroded away as edict after edict flowed out of public officials.  There is no doubt that our constitutional rights have been diminished.  Governors and mayors tell doctors what drugs can use on the Coronavirus, and what procedures are elective and therefore must be canceled.  All this by public officials who haven’t had a basic first aid class.  In some states, doctors were told that embolisms were elective surgeries until the embolism broke.  Too late then.  In other examples, four policemen handcuffed a man in front of his little daughter for being on an otherwise empty soccer field, a man is dragged off a train for not wearing a mask.  On Easter Sunday, people were sitting in their cars in a church parking lot listening to the sermon.  The police came and threatened them with arrest and a $500 fine if they didn’t leave.  We are just about where we were on April 19, 1775.  April 19, 1775, was the Battles of Lexington and Concord and the shot heard around the world for those who may have forgotten.  Sunday is the 245th anniversary of that event.  It is time to begin to get the United States back to normal.  It has been a wonderful time for those who lust to dominate.  The Governor of Michigan is a prime example.  The Governor of New Jersey admitted he never considered the United States Constitution.  Really, you never considered what you took an oath of office to uphold?

Those who have read my columns over the years know that I detest the United Nations and all that it really stands for.  It has always been my opinion that all but a handful of the countries which belong the UN look at the United States as a big delicious pie that they would like to divide up and swallow.  The World Health Organization (WHO) is a perfect example.  The WHO is riddled with Red Chinese nationals.  The rest of the UN is riddled with people from every enemy country you can think of, just for the record.  The WHO lied about the Coronavirus.  President Trump has and should have cut off funding to the WHO.  Now we should stop all funding to the rest of the UN.  Just for the record, all diplomats and most staff at the UN have diplomatic immunity.  For this reason, crimes perpetrated against American citizens by these diplomats and staff are rampant and go unpunished and unreported.  Several countries, including Red China, have complained about the U.S. cutting off funding to the WHO.  There is a simple fix I would suggest to those countries.  Get out your check book.  You want it, you pay.

The question of the Illinois General Assembly returning lingers on but the way things look now, I doubt it.  Illinois and other states have deadlines on passing funds required by federal projects.  Those have all been extended.

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Author: ISRA Staff

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