Precision Rifle Instructor Development School

4/20/2020-4/24/2020 - ISRA Range Classroom, Ranges 3 & 5 - 8:00-5:00

NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor Development Schools develop and enhance both instructor skills and firearm handling skills of all students so they can effectively teach their officers to win lethal encounters. These schools are intended for public and private law enforcement officers and military personnel who are currently assigned, or about to be assigned, duties as law enforcement firearm instructors.

The curriculum is designed to prepare students to develop and conduct safe, effective, reality-based and agency-related firearm training. Classroom instruction and practical exercises on the range provide a model for students to use in building their own agency programs. In addition, the school will enhance each student's firearm knowledge and handling skills. All classes and range exercises are conducted at the instructor level, with students conducting many of the range exercises to gain experience. Students are exposed to a wide variety of shooting techniques, training methods, and tactical philosophies, which allows them to choose what best serves their students.

Each of our Instructor Development Schools consists of a minimum of forty-four (44) contact hours during a five (5) day school. “Contact hours” refers to actual instructional time in the classroom and on the range, and does not include travel time between the lodging and training site, meal times, or range clean-up. Classes will be conducted from approximately 0730 to 1800 Monday, and 0800 to 1730 hours,Tuesday through Friday, plus one late night to accommodate reduced light shooting.100% attendance and participation is MANDATORY for successful school completion. Students must demonstrate teaching and shooting proficiency and pass a written examination in all of the schools.
Author: ISRA Staff

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