ISRA Alert: Attention All FFL's

by Richard Pearson

 *** ALERT***

   ***Attention FFL’s***


The comment period is now open on proposed rules for video surveillance for firearm stores open to the public.  Below are the proposed rules that will go before the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules (JCAR).  The comment period is open until 02/22/2021.  I would advise commenting immediately.


The ILLINOIS STATE POLICE proposed amendments to the Part titled Firearm Dealer License Certification Act (20 IAC 1232; 45III Reg 591) implementing statutory requirements for video surveillance security systems at retail locations where licensees certified under the Act sell, lease or transfer firearms.  Effective 1/2/2021, a certified licensee operating a retail location open to the public must operate and maintain in good working order a 24/7 video surveillance system.  This system must, at a minimum, record and monitor all entrances and exits (including walkways leading into the retail location and parking areas in the immediate vicinity) and all interior areas where firearms in inventory are displayed, handed, sold, leased, transferred, or stored.  The surveillance system must monitor exterior windows, roof hatches or skylights, window or wall mounted air conditioning units, and cash register/checkout areas, but must not monitor restrooms or other areas specifically prohibited by law.  If the retail location exists in a residence or other area of a residential property, the video surveillance system must cover all operational entrances and exits, windows, roof hatches, skylights, and window or wall mounted air conditioners if any of these openings could be used as a means of entry into or exit from the retail location.  The system must operate during hours when the retail location is open to the public and when the residential location is vacant.  Surveillance cameras should be installed in a manner that avoids backlighting or physical obstructions to the extent that these factors are within the control of the licensee, and should be either day/night cameras or have sufficient lighting to maximize the quality of recorded images.  An accurate date and time stamp shall be displayed on all recorded video.  Surveillance systems must have the ability to remain operational during a power outage, allow still images to be exported in an industry standard format (e.g., .jpg, .gif or .bmp), and allow recordings to be viewable at any time.  Video recordings shall be retained by the licensee for a minimum of 90 days (longer if needed to investigate a loss or theft of firearms or to assist in any criminal, civil, or administrative investigation) via cloud storage, external hard drives/servers, flash drives, discs or any device that can adequately store video data.  Access to the recording system shall be limited to authorized personnel in an area not accessible to the public; the licensee must make available to ISP upon request a current roster of authorized personnel with access to the recording system.  Surveillance systems shall be tested at least quarterly and must be demonstrably operational and functioning upon inspection by ISP or any law enforcement agency.  Persons and businesses that sell, lease or transfer firearms at retail are affected by this rulemaking.


Questions/requests for copies/comments through 2/22/2021:  Yvette C Loizon, ISP, 801 S Seventh St., Suite 1000-S, Springfield IL 62703, 217-782-7658.

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