The ISRA sponsors events that supports the advocacy of Illinois gun-owners rights. We also train gun-owners to be as proficient as possible in the safe use of a firearm.

Annually we host IGOLD, Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day.  People from all over the state assemble at the Capitol to lobby their legislators to support their rights as law abiding gun owners.

Other Annual events include Sighting In Day and Open House.  Sighting In Day aids gun-owners in assuring that their firearms are perfectly sighted for their hunting, recreation and competition needs.  Open House is designed to provide a day for people to enjoy a day at the range and be introduced to a variety of firearms.  You can fire everything from handguns to AR-15's.

In addition we post events that our affiliate clubs and leagues offer to expose our members to additional levels of competition and expert marksmanship.  We invite you to become familiar with our site and peruse the events that meet your schedule and interests



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