David Kenik

David Kenik is the owner of Armed Response, author of the book, Armed Response, and co-author of the Armed Response Video Training Series.

David is also Co-Founder and the Executive Director of the Police Officers Safety Association, Inc., a non-profit organization that offers enhanced training to law enforcement officers. Certified as a police instructor, he served as a Training Officer for a New Mexico police agency. Additionally, David is a contributing editor to Guns and Ammo magazines.

David has been an avid shooter for over thirty years and has trained with many internationally recognized use of force programs in the judicious use of lethal force, firearms, defensive shooting, weapon disarming and retention, and edged weapons.

As a gun rights advocate, David co-founded and is a Past Chairman of Citizens¹ Rights Action League, a state-wide group that advocates the right to self-defense and lobbies against gun control legislation in Rhode Island. Under his leadership CRAL was, and continues to be, an effective force against restrictions upon of law-abiding citizens.