Field Hunting for Illinois Upland Game

This four hour course will focus on Field Hunting for upland game in Illinois. The course concentrates on safe operation of the shotgun in the field. Students will be taught gun safety, shotgun components, mechanics and operation of all types of shotguns. Course includes practical use of safety and shotgun shooting.


This course is designed to develop a solid foundation of shooting skills with any shotgun for field/hunting use. Students will practice these skills during dry and live fire exercises. The course covers the use of the shotgun in the field during hunting conditions, loading and unloading, operation and maintenance, shotgun safety and field carry methods and shotgun shooting skills.

Course Aim:

Ever hunt with someone who made you nervous about gun safety. Always pointing their gun without muzzle discipline. Well this course is for you and your friend. Learn the safe way to hunt, taught by trained firearms instructors.