How Does the ISRA Advocate For You?

 The ISRA is hard at work advocating for Gun Owners everytime the Legislature is in session.  We spend a great deal of time and money carrying your opinions and defending your rights before our State Congess




Why Do GUNOWNERS Need a Lobbyist?

The Illinois General Assembly is made up of 177 men and women with backgrounds that range from lawyers, realtors, school teachers, farmers, mayors, members of the military or full time public servants. No single legislator is an expert on the thousands of bills that pass across their desk every year. In fact most legislators become experts on only a handful of subjects, be it the state budget, health care, agriculture, or local government. The role of the ISRA lobbying team is to provide the expertise to these 177 men and women on the 2nd Amendment and related subjects. As lobbyists we are educators as much as we are persuaders. Because of the wide variety of backgrounds of legislators, we spend hours daily educating legislators and staff on the issues important to the ISRA membership and the potential effect that various bill might have. We work to break down complicated issues into smaller understandable parts and provide accurate and timely information to these decision makers.

Our job requires us to review and analyze each of the 4,000-7,000 bills introduced each legislative session to determine the impact, if any, they might have on our interests. We also review thousands of amendments to bills, always on the lookout for a bill that begins innocently as something we don’t care about only to be amended to restrict your 2nd Amendment rights. In addition to reviewing, analyzing and responding to legislation, the ISRA lobbying team examines Administrative Rules that are proposed to implement laws. The ISRA lobbying team has spent countless tedious hours analyzing proposed Administrative Rules, meeting with legislators and staff on the Proposed Rules and preparing comments on the Rules.

While being a lobbyist is a daunting, costly, time consuming task, it is imperative the ISRA provide this service to it's members.  As an ISRA member you can be assured that your Second Amendment rights are well represented in Springfield.