Illinois Concealed Carry Facts Page (Updated 1/29/14)

The Illinois State Rifle Association has been fielding many inquiries about the new Illinois Conceal Carry Law which we tirelessly worked for year after year.  Although we arenít thrilled with all of its rules, requirements and exemptions, itís finally here. 

We have put together a list of answers to the most common questions we know to date.  Keep in mind, we are in no way offering legal advice.  The information contained here is only to offer ISRA members answers to what is currently known following the passage of the Illinois Concealed Carry Law adopted 7/9/13.  Permanent rules are here.  The ISP does have a webpage published regarding Illinois CCW and you may access that page by clicking here.  For a full text of the law, please click here.  If you do not see your question answered here, please check the Illinois Compiled Statutes, contact the Illinois State Police or consult your personal attorney.

Q.  Once I obtain my Illinois permit, what states will allow me to carry?
A.  Generally speaking, the states that will allow you to carry in are: 

AK,AL,AZ,IN.ID,IA,KS,KY,MI,MO,MS,NC,OK,SD,TN,UT AND VTKeep in mind, in is the permit holder's responsibility to know the laws in each state.  To do this, you may click here or here for your reference.

Q.  When will I be able to get my permit and what is the cost?
A.  The law was adopted 7/9/13.  The ISP will make applications public effective January 5th 2014.  Once your application is submitted, the state will process your application within 90 to 120 days.  We believe the earliest you will be receiving a permit to carry will be around April-May 2014.  The initial cost to the state is $150 for a five (5) year period. The cost of the course will be determined by the instructor or private entity giving the approved class.

Q. What do I have to do in order to get my permit?
A.  The first thing you must do is obtain a "Digital ID" to log onto the system and submit your information electronically.   The State will have a paper option available but this isn't expected to take effect until July 2014.  Click here to start the application process and obtain your Digital ID!

Q.  What is the new law about for private firearm sales and FOID checks?
A.  Effective January 1st, 2014 any private sales of firearms (FOID checks) must be checked against the ISP database.  Click here for this information.

Q.  Explain the process for completing the required Illinois CCW course
A.  Instructors have been approved and you may begin training now.  Instructors have begun teaching classes throughout the state and once your application is submitted, it will then take ISP 90 to 120 days to process your application.  To find a list of currrently qualified instructors, click here.

Q.  Will you post a list of approved instructors or schools?
A.  The ISP will be responsible for posting and updating this information on their website, but click here for the link.

Q.  What classes/class time will be required for the Illinois Concealed Carry permit?
A.  This really depends on the instructor or company giving the class and what the ISP approves for their course.  The Illinois State Police lists these credentials as training credit (Click Here).  Generally, sixteen (16) hours of class/range is required.  The statute says there may be up to a maximum of 8 of the 16 hours waived.  Any person who is an active, retired or honorably discharged member of the US Armed Forces will automatically receive 8 hours of credit toward the 16 hours of training.  Those Illinois residents who already have out of state permits may be given credit as well however the ISP has not yet specified which permits they will recognize for the Illinois classes.  The statute also states "a person certified as a firearms instructor by the act or by the Illinois Training Standards Board, or a person who has completed training and has been issued a firearm control card by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation shall be exempt"  from taking classes.

Q.  I am an Illinois resident and have a non-resident concealed carry permit - will Illinois recognize my permit?
A.  No.  Illinois will not recognize any other state permit.  However, several other states will recognize Illinois.

Q.  Will a non-resident Illinois be able to obtain an Illinois permit? 
A.  Yes, if they possess their home state's permit and submit the required paperwork the state requires.  The cost for the out of state resident is $300.

Q.  I want to become an Illinois Certified Instructor.  How can I make this happen?
A.  Visit this website: Click Here!

Q.  Do I have to be fingerprinted?
A.  Instructors must be fingerprinted electronically.  Click here for a list of State Approved Vendors.  It is optional for applicants however not being fingerprinted will allow the State Police an extra 30 days for them to complete their background check.

Q.  What can I do to help the cause? 
A.  Glad you asked!  If you are not already a member, please join here

Our fight is definitely not over, on 10 July 2013 the ISRA filed a motion in Federal Court asking for injunctive relief from the ISP / Legislative timelines and to allow carry under the new law with only a FOID card, at least until the ISP has their permitting system up and running.  THIS IS ONGOING LITIGATION AND HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED BY THE COURT.

We have more work to do ahead of us and truly need your donations to continue the fight ahead of us.  Click here and consider a donation to the organization who brought concealed carry to the forefront in Illinois!

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