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Rifle shooters are welcome to compete, and can benefit from coaching and help of experienced rifle competitors

Unless otherwise stated all ALCCRL matches are invitational tournaments, NRA approved, and held at the Illinois State Rifle Association Range at Bonfield, IL (near Kankakee)

2014 schedule:

13 April --- 35th Service Rifle Match - The Sixth Annual Joseph I. Brown Appreciation Match

27 April --- Match # 1

4 May --- 56th Annual Paul Poe Memorial Match (Milan, IL. )

19 May --- Match #2

8 June --- Match #3, 15th Annual Edward J. Neumann Memorial Match

22 June --- John Cantius Garand Match (Carbine & .30-06 ammo issued & hopefully a cook-out)

13 July --- Match #4, 51st Annual Robert Bishop Memorial Match

24 August --- 36th Annual George Bjornstad Appreciation Prone Match

7 September --- Department of Illinois 4 Man Team Match

5 October --- 80 Shot NRA Registered Individual Match

12 October --- Rain Date


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