Welcome to the ISRA Range


The ISRA owns and maintains a Range facility just west of Kankakee, IL near the community of Bonfield. Download Range Brochure  or 2018 Range Application

The facility boasts some of the most active organized shooting activities in the country including the largest evening Highpower Rifle League according to the sanctioning body, the NRA.

As you enter the tree lined gates into the facility the first range on your left is the 50 yard pistol range. There are 50 firing points with a firing line divided at the control tower into two ranges of 25 points each.

Passing the Pistol Range you will see the picnic pavilion on your right. This attractive metal roofed structure has plenty of picnic tables for you to enjoy your lunch in a tree lined outdoor setting.

Very near the picnic pavilion are our restrooms. There you can wash up before lunch or even take a shower if you are camping on the facility!

Camping?? Yes camping... members are issued electronic key cards that allow access to the facility 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Although shooting is only allowed from 8:00AM till dusk, you can enter the facility at any time. We have 80 acres of property and less that 40 is developed into ranges at this time... there are quite a few acres of woods to camp in, enjoy the fresh air yet still have access to modern washroom facilities.

Traveling further east on the property the next range on the left is the 300 yard Highpower Rifle Range. It has a beautifully manicured 300 yard grass firing line for competitive shooters and a concrete firing line with a few shooting benches for those hunters that would like to get great zeros on those handloads before they leave on that trip of a lifetime! The 200 yard firing line, used for sitting and standing position shooting, has been rebuilt in the spring of 2005 and will be manicured just as the 300 yard line is currently.

The 300 yard Highpower Rifle Range has 30 firing points with target pits. (What are target pits?) The target pits is a concrete catwalk behind a concrete wall and heavy earthen berm. The berm is several meters thick and the top is approximately 9 feet higher than the catwalk. Standing with your back to the wall and firing line there are target carriers to your front between you and the impact berm. Each carrier holds a target frame that is around 5 foot square. In an organized shooting activity, the match is divided into several relays, some of which shoot while others pull their targets. If you are pulling you are on the catwalk with the shooters firing a few feet over your head and as the bullets pass through the target you pull it down score it and send it back up with markers so the shooter can see at 300 yards.

The next range is the 100 yard benchrest range. This range has concrete benches for the use of those shooters that demand the utmost in accuracy from their firearms. They require a shooting surface that is immobile and unshakable in order to get shot groups that measure sometimes less than .010" center to center... yes that is thousandths of an inch! The Benchrest League shoots on Wednesday evenings.

The last range is the 100 Meter range. This range is covered with a metal roof matching that of the picnic pavilion and is actually set up for 100 yard position shooting. There is a smallbore (.22 rimfire) league that shoots on Thursday evenings on this range.

Our new Clubhouse is now completed.  The additional four new ranges (8, 9, 10, and 11) are operational.

Weekends sometimes have scheduled shooting activities or classes, please check the schedule on the range page of this site. During the week there is often little or no activities on the ranges. If your work schedule allows, come visit us during the week. If not, come out on the weekend and enjoy, there is rarely more than one range with an organized activity in progress at a time.

Range membership is a premium with dues paid that are separate from required ISRA membership.

Our Beautiful Range!