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As I start to write this, I am on a plane back home from Atlanta, Georgia. While there today, Saturday, March 24th, I decided to go to the Coca-Cola museum in downtown Atlanta. I got there about 10:30 and was amazed at how congested the traffic was downtown. As I got within six or seven blocks of the museum, I was amazed at all the foot traffic, all going one way toward the museum. I thought, “All these people can’t be going there.” I was both right and wrong: they were going thereactually to the huge field next to itand the reason was soon evident.

Many were holding signs saying “enough,” “we demand,” “never again,” “kill the NRA” and many more anti-NRA signs. They were going to the Atlanta installment of the anti-gun marches that happened all through the country. I was shocked to see the thousands upon thousands of marchers going there. I couldn’t have imagined that they could have gotten even ten percent of the people that they got to go there. They had booths set up on the sidewalks to sign people up to vote. This was an extremely well-orchestrated event in Atlanta.

Then while waiting for the plane, I had the unpleasant opportunity in the terminal to watch my most-disliked channel, CNN. It showed, for the one and a half hour wait, nothing but the Washington, D.C., march and all the different speakers, singers, etc., who were leading the swarm there. I know how the cameras shoot to make a crowd look huge, but even trying to hope they were exaggerating the pictures, there had to be thousands there too.

In Atlanta, while leaving to get away from the traffic jam, I saw rows and rows of busesso many buses that hundreds of people were obviously bussed in. Many of the marchers had the same signs. This was an extremely well-organized event and, as we keep hearing, George Soros is behind this, with his millions of dollars going to the groups heading this. I am betting this is the case for all the big-city events. On CNN they showed David Hogg, the new darling of the anti-gun crowd, at the microphone whipping up the crowd in Washington.

Yet this morning I watched a video of him protesting that his First Amendment rights were being broken when his school made a requirement that all backpacks needed to be clear so authorities could see what was inside. He said how unfair that was and, in a really profound statement, stated that all the authorities had to do was “make the students safe” (and not take away his right to privacy). That was what they were attempting to do, but since it did not involve taking away gun rights, he was whining about it. He seems to think (as do many of his fellow students all across the country) that his rights are important but our Second Amendment rights are not important. He cares not a whit about them or us, as Hillary so tellingly said, “deplorables.”

There is one Parkland survivor who openly supports the Second Amendment. He has been on the news but unfortunately not on the mainstream media. His name is Kyle Kashuv. He is very well-spoken and has been on a couple programs that are almost considered to be prime time programs. But the actual prime time programs will not allow him to talk, and of course the DC march would have nothing to do with him. He represents exactly the opposite of what they want to promote: hostility towards the NRA, towards all firearms and towards Republicans. Kyle offered to debate loudmouth David Hogg on a prime time media program but was refused. If David Hogg really believed what he was told to say, he would have been glad to debate.  This march was actually a huge rant against Republicans and guns.

Yet another sign of the antigun hypocrisy is they would not allow Hunter Pollack, another Florida student who lost his sister to the shooter, to speak. Hunter and his father Andrew want to solve the mass shooting problem we have. They do not want to eliminate guns. They want to get to the bottom of the issuelike understanding the drug problem, the FBI problem, the police problem, and the school making deals so that crimes by students do not get reported and students do not get chargedand solve it. His and his father’s views don’t fit with the anti’s agenda. Andrew Pollack said they tried for two days to get on the agenda. They actually lost a family member and were not allowed to speak, whereas David Hogg lost only friends, but because he agreed with their agenda, he was allowed all the TV and microphone time. They are more obsessed with eliminating guns and Republican lawmakers than solving this terrible problem. They should be very ashamed of themselves but are not at all. How anybody could use the deaths of young innocent students to promote an agenda other than to stop this type of thing is beyond me.

Emma Gonzalez was another “survivor” who spoke about the need for gun control. The big problem about her was she was wearing a jacket with a patch sewn on, and the patch was Cuba’s communist flag. Her relatives fled from a country that has total gun control, and it was the ultimate example of what happens to the citizens when there is gun control. The people were/are treated like the pheasants they are, with rundown apartments and U.S. cars from the 1950s. She should be the last person who asks for the U.S. to be like Cuba.

It is simply disgusting how the media says nothing at all about the real causes of this horrendous rampage that occurred in Florida five weeks ago, like the police being called over 39 times to the killer’s house or the new revelation that in 2016 there was a move to have him involuntarily detained. They say nothing more about the four police who, in the now-released video, did not enter the school, although it is police protocol to confront the active shooter immediately. The FBI did not do their job in following up on the call informing them that he intended to do a school shooting. And what about the most common denominator in every mass shooting, that the shooter either was on anti-psychotic drugs or just got off them?

If any of these things had been done properly, either the shooter would not have been out in society or would not have had access to buying a gun. Even if these had all fallen through the cracks, if the cops had immediately confronted the threat, several lives could have been saved. Why aren’t heads rolling in the FBI after their very inept handling (or lack of handling) of the phone call warning them about the shooter? Or why isn’t Sheriff Israel being shown the door after his department’s disgusting lack of proper duty? “The buck stops here” is supposed to be the rule, unless you are friends with the likes of Hillary. Again how disgusting that the media circles the wagons around leftists and does an all-out assault on conservatives!

It is important to realize that many younger people in our society think it is “all about me.” “I demand” is a common theme to them, and they want whatever they want “now.” I think this is a relatively new phenomenon that was not really common in older generations. I think, after seeing many sound bites on the news the last few weeks, that a common theme was “we demand.” I would like to be able to demand things and then have them happen, but I know that’s not realistic; older generations do not typically act this way. We need to be aware that this is a whole new way of acting, and we need to learn how to deal with this. They do not care what we want. They do not want to compromise. They demand and expect to get it and get it now.

We need to be more active than ever to protect our rights. Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens just called for repeal of the Second Amendment. I am shocked but shouldn’t be, I guess. This is not just an amendment; it is in the Bill of Rights. If they somehow succeed, the next one will be the First Amendment. We have seen this in England, where people have actually been arrested and jailed for saying things deemed not proper. This is scary, and if you think it can’t happen here, my relatives in England said to me they thought it couldn’t happen there either. Be vocal to your legislators and let them know your feelings because your political enemies sure are, and they are throwing millions of dollars at them to get their way. If we don’t fight hard, they will ultimately win.                                 


Doug Mayhall



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